Hey, EN. I think you're the only other member of the forum who's involved in this, so, I dunno... Suddenly making this a PM seems like a much better idea. But I digress, it might be helpful to some other people... I figure Zan might be interested and... well, whatever.

NaNoWriMo, National November Writing Month.

Uhh, write a novel in a month. Starting today. That's the basic idea. From what I've worked out, you basically have to type three pages of single spaced, size 12 TNR in Microsoft word for the entire month to get a book. I'd have to recheck my math to get a good idea... If you're going to start, now's the time to do it. I'm just now checking the site out in full and I've slapped an account together... Wouldn't you know it, both Tom and Retirw were taken. So, in frustration, I typed in, MyNormalNamesWereTaken... I lol'd, then cut it down to MNNWT, which is what I applied as.

Uh, what else to say, what else to say... I'm pumped. I am seriously, seriously pumped. As soon as the clock hit midnight at work, I started typing. I said, "I'll get 3 pages down, then I'm done. I've got 5 and a half hours, no problem." I instead wrote almost 5 pages as the ideas flew off my head. I don't think I did too bad, considering the constant interuptions, heh.

Err, uhh... Yeah. Pumped. EN, tell me what's up with you, if you drop by. I dunno, you might be in full writing mode and have banned yourself from the site... Whatever. And Zan, read this. Naow.

Other people writing is cool too >.>
I beleive I shall try this.
National November Writing Month? What a silly name.
-goes to website-
I'm way, way too busy, unfortunately. XD

But hey, good luck to those who do enter. Sounds like a productive pursuit.
I'm at 11,000 words already, faggot.


I pre-wrote. I'm a cheater. I wrote about 10, 000 words in October, because I knew that for the next couple weeks I am going to be having a very rough time. We're putting my dog down tomorrow, so I don't know how much I'll be able to write during the next while.

But you had better come at least moderately close to finishing, or I'll be angry. :0
So...What's the point? And what's the rules? *Is too lazy to check site* Do I actually have to finish the story, cause I ain't too gud at that thar sorta thang.
I'd try my hand at this, but considering my current project took me a couple months just to get to 13,000 or so words (23 pages, and then some), I don't think I'd manage it. I'm lazy, and I've got other crap that I have to do.

Besides, I think they're pushing quantity over quality, which I generally disapprove of.
Also! This is a trap! Tom created the site in order to force people to write. Once the month is over he is going to steal all of the submitted work and create books of his own. Don't do it!
The only real style in writing I have is flip. The only real skill I have in writing is that of a particularly literate tree stump. The only real respect for deadlines I have is reverence for my inevitable and most untimely death.

Needless to say, I'm not gonna enter. :'D
Gasp, Zan has revealed my clever ploy! ... In any case, I dunno, the big attraction is the idea of a deadline, unimportant and irrelevant as it may be. If I don't finish it before then, no big deal. But for some reason, deadlines push me to do things. They get me off my lazy ass so I start working. Deadlines work for me, heh. That and the idea of an entire community of writers at my disposal to help me with any issues I might have is also a highly attractive notion, though I hopefully won't be asking for help for some time.

And to EN... You bisch! Argh! 11,000? That makes Tom... raugh! Whatever, I can catch up. I bet I can get to 5,000 by the end of tonight, if I can get off my lazy ass to do so, and I'd really like to finish the Esmeralda Introduction/Potato scene. I can't believe I stopped, sleep is not a legitamate excuse to stop writing!

I'm really hoping I can do this. I like challanges. I like beating challenges. I'm a kid at heart and I hope to think I always will be. That means that I like to WIN. So I'm gonna give it my all to finish before the deadline, get something big written, something good. I've got high hopes already, considering the longest work I've ever done is fairly close to 50k words. I checked it this morning, my old trash fanfiction Planar Guardians was 44,000 words (ah, to be young and stupid and think all the work you do is perfect). And I really do think that this story is coming along nicely. My editor and biggest critic took a look at it in her spare time and could only find two issues. (1. Who names one child Eugene and the other Esmeralda? 2. The rock and wheelbarrow scene is vague, fix it.)

So yeah. Really hoping for something cool. The weird thing is, for writing a fantasy story, it's not coming along like one, not at all... Well, whatever! It'll write as it's meant to be written.
Potato? I'm intrigued. If I mod you nice and proper, will you let me read it once you're finished?
I'm not the fastest/most descriptive/awesomenest writer, but I may enter for the hell of it. XD
<twitches at urge to write his Batman-esque story>
<realizes he has to do COLLEGE APPS>
<doesn't enter>
Crap. I hate it when that happens.
Day two, at 3638 words. Still ahead of the game, but not by much (1700 words a day is suggested, thus the benchmark now would be 3400). Went back and entered an entire extra segment, or at least started to, and finished the scene with Emma. Would have written more, but damaged wrist in terrible Guitar Hero 3 Dragonforce incident. Ow.
I would enter, but theres only two things I would write for anything:

Poetry for school

and papers for school.
I'm on chapter two of my book.
4,379 words. (Benchmark 5,100). Oh crap. I'm officially behind. Well, to me anyway. It's still November 3rd and it will be for some time, but I usually get most of my writing done at work. Getting behind already, jeez. Hopefully I'll catch up in time. I was just really distracted today. I got ideas for this other forum I've been looking at (don't worry, nothing serious. RERN is my home, heh), I'm getting urged by my DnD players to start my new campaign they've been waiting on and I got some new ideas for it, plus it is, or was rather, Friday, which meant I had to do rounds at work and had less time than usual to goof off. Oh, and I did some NaNoWriMo NoNos. I went back and edited my work. I'm OCD about this kind of crap, y'know?

So, looks like I have to be a real writer and write during my free time. I'll do my best! I won't get behind just yet!

As for what's new in the story, I've firmly established all of the character's family except for his father, I've foreshadowed at the event that will spring everything into motion, I inserted a scene close to the beggining that I always felt should have been there, and I got some more interaction between Gene, Mark and Emma. I'm also finally done writing about potatoes. Thank god. I was getting really annoyed with trying to find new ways to refer to potatoes so that it didn't seem old. I freakin' referred to them as tubers once. Damn it! I put the word Potato in the story 11 times!

[smacks Tom]


My main character has a hand made of a nickel-titanium alloy to replace the one that got chopped off when she was younger. It's also important to the plot toward the end. Thing is, I forgot to mention that she has the hand.

So it turns up right in the middle of a fight scene later on with no prior warning. XD

14, 495 words right now. I've only written 2700 or something this month, so I'm a little behind. I've got a lot of homework this weekend, so I'll only get more behind. I'll try and write something hardcore so I can catch up this week.

The main characters have made it safely to the massive city-world in which most of the story takes place. I've even got a theme song picked, although it's pretty retarded (Beck -- Time Bomb).

Tom, do prepare to be behind for most of the month. I did this last year, and I never got ahead. XD

Also, this is the custom desktop I've made for the month:



Day ?, Benchmark ?, Word Count ?

Oh christ... I have really fallen behind. Oh man, have I screwed up. I literally have not typed a word in two days. Oh, damn damn damn, I am waaay behind.

I'm hoping to pull some drastic measures. I've banned my friends from the house for today and I have the day off. I just got a surge of creative energy and I'm hoping to use it to put a few new segments in. But damn, damn, DAMN I'm behind!

Right, just gotta crack back down on it, crack down on it...