Facts That Won't Ever Make It Onto A Snapple Cap!

Okay. Any facts that are too gory, perverted, or just plain X-rated to have never made it on a Snapple cap, share here.

1. No flaming. Just because you think the fact could have made it onto a snapple cap doesnt give you a right to bad mouth anyone.
2.Obey rule No. 1

I'll start it off.

Humans are the only species to have sex for pleasure.
Pedo Bear is the only bear in North America and Japan to lust after loli.
Some Samuri were imported from the US. Such Samuri had afros and used a dance-type fighting style.

Quote (bluebasium911)

Humans are the only species to have sex for pleasure.

Actualy, that isn't true at all.
Gay penguins and horny apes. Yes, I know this one.
Try dolphins, actually.

Survival dictates that those who have incurred sexually-transmitted diseases continue to fornicate as often as they physically can, since if they can survive said diseases, perhaps their offspring will mutate an immunity or something silly like that.
Then we can use Dolphins to cure our STDs? KICK ASS, now no one will ever have to worry about it.
The hole in the ozone was caused by the amount of hairspray used by glam rockers of the 80s.

Quote (bluebasium911)

Humans are the only species to have sex for pleasure.

Wrong. Gorillas are also known to do so, and also indulge in group sex and wife-swapping.

The Barnacle has the largest penis for any animal compared to its size.
we kill each other because G.W.bush is in the white house.
Wooga is god and everyone knows it!
Lions have spikes on their cocks.

Yes, you all wanted to know that, didn't you? =D Zoology books really can go into TMI sometimes...
Ummm...That's going on my sig too.
Jesus, Rapid!

All of you will die someday. That's right, and you, and you, and you...
Rather morbid, isn't it?
The hole in the ozone layer and global warming are acumulating due to such things as sprayon deoderant and old AC units. God is laughing at the irony.
They put facts on the undersides of Snapple caps?

Well, I've been missing out, then...
The only reason besides that you're drinking this product because of it's awesome flavor is that you have no life.
Jesus can turn water into wine, and Chuck Noris can turn wine into beer.
Ted, as your reading this we just killed the person who made this fact. Happy B-day Ted.
While you read this, the excessive aspartame you just ingested has probably made it to your bloodstream. Good night, sweet prince.
Congratulations. You are the last man to learn we have facts under Snaple caps.