Halloweenie Costooms

So, Halloween has come and passed. Candy has spread across the nation. Wal-Marts profits have gone up. But who cares about candy? What were you dressed up as this Halloween? A anime character? *Coughmajincough* A pirate? (Me) A scary something?

But yes. I was a pirate. Pillaged many houses I did.
I was dressed, rather tongue in cheek, as a man satisfied with his employment. Meaning, I was working last night. I was bored. There were a few cute girls who came in, but not many. I did get to rent Shrek the 3rd and that rat movie, so I guess it was alright.
No costume this year. I'm done with ToT, and I didn't get invited to any parties.
Depending on your level of /b/mmersion (pronounced: bim-mer-shun,) either V or Epic Fail Guy. I was told the former rather suited me. I expect the latter does, too.
I failed to obtain a V mask.
A hippie.
I was a voodoo doll. My costume was basically a mesh of Dad's ugliest clothing, and a few ugly blankets made of good fabric, sewn together in a human shape. And I had these incredibly unweildy pins stuck in me in a bunch of places; two in each arm, three going through my chest and coming out the back, one in the side, one through the head, and three in each leg. Made it incredibly hard to run, but I still managed to achieve a large pillowcase completely stuffed with candy.
Batman, nuff said.

Quote (Gearpunk)

Depending on your level of /b/mmersion (pronounced: bim-mer-shun,) Epic Fail Guy.

you were dress up like me?