Sofia Langley and Scourge.EXE

Rebirthing Markus Scott, Raki, and Riki. Cereal should be happy.


1x Sword
1x Shotgun
1x RageClaw1
1x CornShot1
1x Boomerang1
1x ZapRing1
1x Synapse1
1x MaruBlaster1


Having been sick of Markus' unwillingness to operate regularly, Raki convinces Riki to escape from the PET with her to explore the networks on their own, severing their communication protocols with a loophole Riki exploited. Discovering that he was free of the ruinous Navis, Markus happily goes to leave his PET and all that came with it with his landlord, asking her to find someone who could use them.

The old woman has no use for a PET, she made do with her own old model. Her orphaned niece, however, had just returned from a boarding school to live with her, and she figures that it would make for a nice thing to present to her. Sofia doesn't quite find a use for it, but she keeps it to not disappoint her aunt.

With a little bit of time, however, an odd event has her make use of it anyhow. Her aunt's Navi brings home a rogue Navi that was on the brink of deletion, left for dead at the edge of a busy network without anyone paying attention to her. Sofia takes a liking to the small Navi, whose ID reads "Scourge", and asks to care for her.


Name: Sofia Langley
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Visual Aid

Sofia stands at an a height of 5'6" with an average, slightly toned build of around 60 kg. Her light blonde hair is tied into twin pigtails with white ribbons; the pigtails flow down to a few inches past her shoulders. She has lightly tanned skin and clear blue eyes. Her preferred style of clothing is light; a short-sleeved blouse or sleeveless tanktop paired with a medium-length skirt usually fits her style, with cool blue and white as her main favorite colors to wear.


Usually unreserved, Sofia is fairly outgoing, and isn't afraid to talk. She is also the type to not back down from a threat, and will persevere through a lot of things most other people won't. She is somewhat independent, preferring to tackle things on her own, but isn't afraid to ask for help if need be. She does suffer somewhat from a little childish innocence, as she was quite coddled in her upbringing.

PET Modifications:

Sofia's PET appears somewhat recent, with a white main body and light brown trim. It has wireless connection capabilities, as well as the usual wired methods. Other than that, it doesn't have many significant differences from any other recent PETs.


Name: Scourge.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Variable


Visual Aid

It's pretty easy to recognize Scourge's general appearance, as all that defines her are a bundle of faded old wrappings, tightly and loosely covering parts of her pale, dead skin. Several stitches appear to hold her body together in places. Her upper arms and thighs are impaled by large metallic screws, which has her emblem printed on their heads: a purple swirling symbol. Warm purple flares occasionally burst forth from these screws. Her dark purple hair is short and messy, barely reaching her shoulders.

A unique characteristic of Scourge's is that her exact proportions and sizes are difficult to ascertain, as it could be a blink of an eye before one sees an entirely different body type on her person. This is due to an unusual "ability"; Scourge draws energy from her surroundings and enemies to fuel herself, and changes her body type accordingly. The more energy she absorbs, the bigger and stronger she becomes, up to a point. Her smallest form is a young toddler of 4', looking about 5, though this only appears if she is severely depleted of energy. By default, she is around 5'2", and looks around 15 or so. Her largest form is a giantess of 7'.


Scourge's personality shifts somewhat with her energy levels, becoming more and more hostile as she grows. At her smallest, she is shy, though somewhat passive-aggressive, while her largest form causes her mental faculties to be at the edge of going berserk. Even with Sofia, her tone is rather harsh, though she does attempt to restrain herself, partly because of her gratitude to the operator, and partly because Sofia's cheery attitude was impossible for her to break without feeling guilty.

Custom Weapon:

Scourge's wrappings are her main mode of attack, being very manipulable. They can be used to whip away at an opponent, grab them and flail them around, or deflect incoming projectiles, among other uses. Some parts of her are detachable, and she can literally flail herself around.

Signature Attack:

Charged Scourge
-- Description: Scourge flings out a few bandages to wrap around an enemy and steals some of their energy for herself.
-- Effects: Life Drain 30 [60]

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