So my friends and I are starting a youtube series called Life As A Sitcom. Problem is, someone is always busy, and the few times everyone is busy I'm typically free. However, as fillers between episodes and stuff, I'm really aiming to do some solo stuff, since I can never have scheduling conflicts with myself. However, I'm not quite good enough with greenscreens to make movies where every character is played by me (just you wait), so I'm doing Ask A Geek. Typically, its questions answered in geeky fashions and stuff,. Basically, I'm assuming itll be a complete ripoff of Ask A Ninja, even thought I've never seen it.

I need things to talk about or questions to answer for the first few shows. GIMME SUGGESTIONS!

Wii, 360, or PS3? And why?

Durrr... du u wnt 2 caiber?

What makes someone a 'geek', anyway?

Well thats explored in it. I'm not a stereotypical geek in some ways. I never play computer game, I dont read comics, and I haven't played a non handheld game in ages.
Then you can't make a show called 'Ask a Geek'. It implies that you are.
I'm so sorry... I just can't help it.... N00baphobes, beware!

"How do u type w/ boxing gloves on?"

"Who would win? Ninja pirates or robot cowboys"

"Who would win? The super fast, invincible Super Sonic, or the fat plumber Mario? SAY SONIC OR YOU WILL DIE IN SEVEN DAYZ!!!!!!!!1111111111111111oneoneonehundredeleven"

I AM a geek, I'm just not your stereotypical one.

Now is there anything you guys seriously would want me to debate to myself?
Yes. Old World of Darkness versus New World of Darkness. Both tabletop RPGs by White Wolf studios, but which is better? Discuss.

And for those who don't know, the answer is old WoD. New WoD is an emo-fest.
It's called World Of Darkness, shouldn't it be emo?

Quote (Dr Robotnik- King of your very soul!)

Being a geek merely implies that you are passionate about something. Doesn't have to be video games or computer tech, just something that you are truly passionate about.
'Dear Geek Lord' would be an awsome title. Anyway, here I go.

'Dear Geek Lord, I recently discused the upcoming version 4.0 of Dungeons and Dragons, and my group was rather upset, as we had invested a lot of time and money into mastering version 3.5. Do you think we should boycot version 4.0, which apears to be aimed twords those with laptops, in favor of continuing to use our plethora of 3.5 material, or should we get with the times and rapidly upgrade ourselves for the new erra of D&D?'
See that I will answer. Was it an honest question?

Quote (Sharmandra)

See that I will answer. Was it an honest question?

Yes. It's a major debate in my group, and an outside opinion would be apreciated.
Long story short, unless its a major upgrade that you think would significantly improve your playing experience, stick with what you have. I'll answer it though. Thanks for a serious question .
Yeah, that'ssome of my freind's position on it, but some of the others are protesting that the new version is suposed to have streamlined a lot of the complaint areas, such as grapling, speelfailure, turning undead, and AoO. Don't forget, for a proper debate, you have to consider both sides. I'm stuck on trying to figure out which is right.
Well if you already are used to the old rules, then there's not much point blowing all the money just to make it a tad easier.
Dear Geek Lord.

Which is better? Dice-roll stat systems or Point-buy stat systems?
I vote point buy, GURPS FTW...

Actually, I haven't done an actual rp table system, anyone have an online version I could jump into?
Pont buy. Much more customization and not relying on the wil of the dice.
Me, I'm lucky so I go with dice. On the condition you get more rolls then you need. IE if you had 5 stats of 3D6, you could roll 3D6 6 or 7 times. Otherwise, go with point.

I was all "I'm gonna wait for the show to answer this", but then everyone chipped in.