Morin and Fictious.EXE

Name: Morin

Age: 19

Gender: Male
Appearance: An Irishman by blood, if nothing else, Morin's pale skin contrasts sharply with pitch black hair. Standing at 6'2" and moderately slender, he normally wears black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a forest green dress shirt under a black vest. His jade green eyes stare coldly outwards, framed by his straight, shoulder-length black hair. He keeps his PET strapped to the outside of his left thigh for easy access.
Personality: Morin leaps between two different personas and emotional extremes. When interacting in the corporeal world, he is stoic. Coldness and apathy wrap about him like a cloak. Anyone would name him a nihilist.

When interacting with his Navi and others while traversing the Net and NetBattling, he becomes a completely different person. Cold green eyes come alight with passion, and his once quiet voice echoes with a bright charisma...or perhaps insanity. The despairing pragmatist is replaced by an unstable genius who speaks of the world and its workings in terms of literary concepts and ideas. This second persona completely disbelieves the idea of impossibility, and has a very unusual idea of what is real or unreal.
PET Modifications: Morin's PET has been modified substantially. It's hardware has been extended to interact with a pair of screens (This allows for navigation of menus and other functions without losing the visual link to his Navi, among other things. Netbattle Operation, however, is too draining on his PET's resources for the seconds screen to be used during battle.) The primary PET system has been placed inside a rectangular, leather-bound case (underneath said leather, the case is made of black gunmetal). When opened the dual screens are revealed, with the left screens covering the primary PET (which may be accessed by opening a small latch, which allows the screen to swing to the right). Ports for battle-chips and such are accessible along the side of the opened case.

These aesthetic changes result in an illusion of a leather-bound tome, which opens to reveal the two screens (pages). Chips are inserted along the left side of the open 'book,' where most of the pages would be. This area actually conceals the primary PET, which is mostly unchanged (excepting video cables for the screens).

When not used for operation, it doubles as an E-Reader-a feature Morin puts to good use.

The 'tome' has no visible title and is bound in black leather. Binary code is written along the spine in flowing, silver European script. Translated, it reads, "Truth."

PS: Did I modify the PET too much?

Name: Fictious.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Break
Appearance: Fictious appears to be roughly 19 years of age. He is petite, appearing to be 5'7" tall and roughly 120 pounds. While supposedly male, Fictious is extremely androgynous. Pale skinned with snow-white hair and gold eyes, he wears a form-fitting suit of flat, diamond-shaped pieces of opaque black crystal (white light burns feintly along the seams between the pieces. Flattened rings of white crystal float freely around his wrists and ankles, rotating slowly. A thin, white, four pointed star of crystal rests in the center of his chest. Two whited crystal shoulder plates complete his outfit. The crystal material his clothing is composed of can take roughly the same force as steel, but shatters like normal crystal if broken.
Personality: Fictious's personality runs entirely contrary to his motif. He is a firm believer in the Laws of Reality and is continually exasperated by his creator's fixation on Laws of Fiction. A Deadpan Snarker, he provides a steady source of sarcastic Lampshading. Nothing irritates him more than his Operator's insane plans succeeding (usually because of his own, fiction-based design).
Custom Weapon: White light flows from one of the rings around his wrists and coalesces into a sphere of white light in his palm. Said sphere will shoot forward with a thought (although he favors a small flick of the wrist, in addition), as long as Fictious's palm is open towards the target.

His charge shot forms a long, sharp white crystal which shoots forward to pierce the target (aesthetically only).
Signature Attack: Climactic Finish: Fictious focuses his will, and the target is held in place by Dramatic Tension (represented by a perpetually changing circle of Latin text that appears beneath their feet) while Fictious gathers his strength for the finishing blow. Unfortunately, a certain amount of time is needed to build said Dramatic Tension.

Multistage:(Hold; Ground Attack) Then (Take Aim + Strengthen 30) {Nerf: Charge Time 1}{3TCD}
Program: Set Solar
Chip: MaruBlaster1
Looks good to me, impressive work. I don't see anything wrong with your PET mod, I actually like the idea of blending futuristic technology with a leather-bound book.


GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, MaruBlaster1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetSolar

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I have an accompanying back-story. Should I post that in my NetOp profile, in my first scene as a flashback, here, or somewhere else?
PM it to me or post it here, so I can do a quick look-over to see if it's legal/makes sense (no canon characters, no organizations/characters that interrupt/muddle the RERN plot, etc)
At the age of 17, Morin's father retired and passed on his legacy to his son-his multimillion dollar security & game company. Morin, having been groomed for the position since birth, was both willing and able to take up the position of CEO.

For a time, all was well. The company managed to remain reliably profitable and several new products were in the works. Unfortunately, it would not last.

On the night of August 16th, the anniversary of his birth, everything went wrong.

An unknown Navi somehow bypassed the company's security and gained access to the primary server. There, a powerful virus bomb was set off. The horde of unleashed viruses destroyed most of the companies files and deleted many of the company's employed Navis.

Morin's father's Navi, skilled in his own right, was deleted in his defense of the final security codes. Prior to his deletion, he sent one email to Morin and his father, "TRANSCEND."

Morin does not know the details, but he knows that TRANSCEND was one of the company's most secretive projects.

Scans show the ruins of most of the companies files, corrupted beyond use. TRANSCEND is gone completely, with not a single fragment found.

TRANSCEND has been stolen.

As if this were not bad enough, far worse was soon to come.

While reading over the paper copies of company records in preparation for declaring bankruptcy, Morin found an oddity in the company stocks.

Several key stockholders-stockholders who's Navis were members of the security staff-had sold off their stock the day before the attack.

They had known.

They had betrayed him, his father, his family, the entire company, and every customer who benefited from their work. He supposed it was mostly likely a simple bribe that got the security codes-not the work of a master hacker. Worse, they may have sold out for access to TRANSCEND.

On that day, Morin lost faith in humanity. People he and his father had trusted explicitly-two having been with the company since it's very beginning-had betrayed that trust utterly. They had destroyed the legacy that he had been entrusted with.

The day after making his discovery, Morin vanished into the night with vengeance in his heart. He would find the traitors, take their lives in his hands, and force the truth from them. They would tell him who had attacked that night, or he would take away everything they had.

Then, he would find the Navi who had attacked. He would take back TRANSCEND and delete the thief.

Maybe, when that was done, he would be able to let his family see him again. Until then, he would disappear and become a vengeful spirit.
A year passed, and Morin made little progress. Lacking access to his family's funds, he slowly earned the money to buy a PET of his own-he'd simply used a company Navi before-and spent every last penny customizing it.

Since his fall from power, he had developed a new persona-one he hoped to unveil with his Net debut. He had also developed a new Navi, based on the works of fiction he'd learned to escape into over the last year. He is proud of both his creations and is eager to put them to the test.

As he arrives by train in ACDC town, he smiles while no one is looking.

PS: Morin's father's company was large, but not high visibility. They did low-visibility contract work with the NetPolice, SciLab, and other corporations, but the public would not be significantly aware of their existence. Even the smaller game development branch would only warrant an occasional logo sighting during game intros.
I don't see any issues with this, as long as TRANSCEND isn't some domesticated Cybeast or Anti-DarkChip system, etc.
Nope, nothing that extreme. What happens with TRANSCEND won't be anything world-altering or anything. It's potent, on an individual level, but can't be used on the large scale.