M, S, or N?

Ironically, MSN...XD
I voted M + N.
All of them.

Quite frankly, I'm not willing to play favorites. I'm not some crazed fanboy who's going to avoid a system because of something silly like platform loyalty or 'My Console is the Best LOL' attitudes. I could give two shits about the company myself. I'm a gamer. I just want to play videogames. And if the videogame I want to play is on a certain system, then damn it I'll get that system and play that game. It's that simple.
I have a main bet on nintendo and a side bet on Microsoft. Sony can go fck themselves for all i care, they gonna die because of the PS3 anyways.
Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft have churned out a few good games. Emphasis on 'few'.
I've been a Nintendo fan since birth. I give Microsoft credit for pumping out a few good games like Fable, but only a few. As for Sony, well, Sony sucks. End of story.
Nintendo, because it's awesome.
Sony because I USED to like them. I play their silly PS2 games, not buying a PS3, that's for sure.
Please, people who say that Sony is going to die from the PS3 are retards. Sony is a huge corporation that is going to be around for a long, long time. Anyway, I vote Nintendo because of Smash Bros. When it comes out I shall finally use my Wii on a regular basis.