Mini RP

Do you guys wanna do another mini rp?
As long as we don't have a bunch of people doing stupid crap like pulling out bazookas and using god-moded sheilds, then I'd participate.
Suuure...but I don't know what they are or how to participate. D:
i think it's time to let the mini RP's to die.
You don't have to participate in them dark.
I say yes.
I'm going to start one in October, actually.
But for now, let's do the beach! Summer and all.
Ima do one eanyways >_>
Sure, as long as, once again, people don't do retarded fighting and such.
Ok! Seems people like em. Well....any suggestions?
Beach...but do I need my navi to participate?
I just want to be Hiko.
We use our characters. So, it's not like we have virus battles or anything.
It's just the Real World people talking.