Roger and Gretchen.EXE

Name: Roger Faust
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: A scrawny man often described as a �bean pole�. At six feet tall, and a mere 140 lbs, Roger borders on an emaciated look. He walks with a slight limp do to a recent injury (He tripped over a neighbor�s free roving PET), and often has a simple cane for support. Despite his haggard appearance, Roger has the vitality of someone much younger. Roger has green eyes, and short dark brown hair that is usually a bit unruly (Which doesn�t help his appearance). A pharmacist by trade, Roger can often be found wearing simple loose black slacks, solid color button down shirts (Usually in earth tones, and also loose), and a traditional white lab coat, all of which are almost always wrinkled.

Personality: Though he seems a bit broody when by himself, he brightens up when around others, and tends to go out of his way to help others. His looks and last name tend to make people think of a mad scientist, so he tries very hard to combat the image with kindness. Extremely dedicated to his work, Roger hopes to one day work for Sci-Lab so that he can help to create the programs needed to delete viruses. In order to help fulfill his dream, Roger has recently begun learning various programming and engineering skills. After three years, he built a small modification for his PET as his first device. It�s not perfect, but he was ecstatic at the accomplishment, and is eager to perfect the technology. A fascination with learning new things, especially when the subject is relevant to his future plans, can sometimes get him into a bit of trouble. His light weight and disheveled appearance are a direct result of Roger getting lost in his work. While working on his Sample Analyzer Mod, he ended up in the hospital because he simply forgot to eat� For three days.

PET Modifications: The PET is a Dark Purple, and has a standard speech/text mod which allows Roger and Gretchen to communicate via either speech or text, as the situation warrants. The only truly extraordinary aspect of the PET is a �Sample Analyzer� installed on the side. It�s a fairly new technology that Roger built himself and thus still has a few bugs to work out. However, when it works it can be quite useful for identifying the chemical breakdown of any small sample. For example: To test this device, Roger put a few drops of water on the slide out panel and asked Gretchen to analyze it. It took about an hour, but she managed to properly classify the substance as one part hydrogen to two parts oxygen. Of course, she also mistakenly identified raspberry jelly as spoiled milk, so Roger still has a bit of work to do.

Name: Gretchen.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: Gretchen is a petite female figure at just over 4 feet tall, and has a very slender body type. Often mistaken for a child, Gretchen has actually been Roger�s Navi since he was just four years old (Technically, his father made her as a personal assistant, with the sole intention of giving her to Roger when he was old enough to operate on his own). Gretchen was modeled after legendary creatures called �Pixies�: She has short green hair and a very pale green tint to her skin, both of which are a dead giveaway to her combat element. She also has a set of four wings resembling that of a dragonfly which also have a pale green hue to them, but she rarely uses them for actual flight. When her wings aren�t pinned to her side (Eg: When in public, non-combat places), she simply uses them to help her maneuver better, seeming to flitter across the battlefield (This is strictly for looks at this early stage and has no actual effect on combat (Perhaps after leveling that could change)). Her basic outfit is actually quite similar to Roger�s, but where his is loose, hers are form fitting, and slightly coquettish. Her trousers are a dark brown, and her shirt is plain white with short sleeves, and she usually wears a green and black striped tie with it. When she goes out for virus busting, however, she trades her shirt and tie for a simple white tank top, and completes her ensemble with a white robe with green symbols along the hemline (Think of the White Mage robe from Final Fantasy, but trade the red triangles for green coding).

Personality: Having been with Roger for 20 years, she has picked up a lot of his mannerisms, and vice-versa. She was created to be a personal assistant, and as such is always more than willing to help out anyone who needs it. Her combat style may be a summoner, but she is usually more likely to play a supporting role whenever she can. She tries to maintain a bubbly personality at all times, but has a tendency to get easily discouraged when she is unable to actually help someone (Especially Roger). Gretchen enjoys discovering new places and things almost as much as Roger does, and has often gotten her into trouble as well. For example, if she encounters a virus that she�s never seen before, her first reaction is to study it and examine it instead of deleting it like she should. She was once almost deleted by a Totem because she was trying to touch its nose. Gretchen does however have a slightly disturbing obsession, one that even Roger find a little unnerving: Poison. Roger assumes that his job as a pharmacist has imparted in Gretchen a love for all things medicinal, but often times she seems to think that Roger is more of an apothecary, and often asks if things are poisonous or not, or if they would be useful in making a poison. Roger shrugs it off, as Gretchen has never suggested anything dangerous, but she is secretly dreaming that she will one day find any of the legendary poison based chips (Like Anubis and Geddon 3).

Custom Weapon: Gretchen�s standard buster has been replaced with a needle gun, which gives her the appearance of launching wooden spines at her foes. Her charged shot also creates a small cluster of needles, as opposed to the larger needle that some wood expect (This all functions exactly like a normal buster, it�s simply for aesthetics to better match her element).

Signature Attack: Delayed Damage (Damage Dealing Wood Attack): 20 wood for 3 turns; 2TCD

NC: SetSolar
Fourth Chip: RollingLog1
Outstanding! This is one of the best registrations I've seen as of late. Your signature attack is correct, it's essentially a 10dmg attack that poisons the target for 5 additional turns after being hit.

However, if I may provide a little insight, most battles do not last 6 turns. This is especially true for new Navis. You may get more bang for your buck if you changed the sig to something like 20dmg for 3 turns (same point cost, same cooldown). Your choice.
Thanks! Character creation is my favorite part, so I do try to make things interesting. Glad to hear it meets your approval!

And thank you for the tip on the "poison". I checked out some of the battles in the forum and can see that most battles don't go on that long. I'll update it per your suggestion, and await further instructions.
I don't see any issues here. Approved

GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, RollingLog1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetSolar

Please post your characters in their appropriate databases and create your forum signature, then you may start RPing
Sounds great. Just want to check before I get going: Does my forum signature look ok, and what's a good place to actually start as far as RPing goes?
You may start anywhere in the real world, probably where your NetOp lives, etc. Once you RP Roger jacking in Gretchen, you can start RPing in the Net World. If you look at the different networks, you can see their relative difficulties. You may start wherever you want, but most start in either the ACDC or SciLabs networks.