Clay and Gambleman.EXE

Name: Clay

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Clay is about average in appearance. At 6 feet tall, he's not so
muscular he can't put his arms down, but he's also not out of shape, either. Clay wears his brown hair cut close. His blue eyes are usually calm, but they are replaced with a focused fervor in battle.

Personality: Clay is typically stoic, preferring his actions to speak for him. He previously served in a cybercrimes unit, and as such, has a strong sense of justice, similar to that of a lawful-good character in D&D. While working with Gambleman, he would prefer to be alone as to avoid distractions.

PET Modifications: Gambleman's PET is an original PET and has a trackball in the shape of six-sided die for the purposes of his signature attack.

Name: Gambleman

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Random number generation, square-trapping

Appearance: Gambleman's appearance takes inspiration from the great gamblers and cowboys from the old west. As such, he wears a cowboy hat, cloak, leather vest, chaps and leather boots. He also has a flintlock pistol in a holster on his waist. Also on his belt are dice he uses for his ultimate attack.


Custom Weapon: Gambleman has a flintlock pistol for a buster and a six-sided die for his ultimate attack. The pistol also changes shape for each of his chips.

Signature Attack: [Dice Bomb]: Gambleman grabs the die off his waist and throws it, causing it to land on a random number, then explode. The first target hit takes 10 fire damage, and the fire continues to spread for 240 Fire Splash, reducing in effect as it goes. 3TC.

Just so I can remember what I have: 0 zenny and 2 MiniEnergy subchips; 100 HP; ChipFldr containing Cannon, a Shotgun, and Rageclaw; a basic NaviCust pack consisting of an Undershirt of HP+50.

Extra chip will be PanelGrab
- Please add more to Clay's/GambleMan's appearances. What sort of clothing does Clay wear? What's GambleMan's eye/hair/clothing color?

- "Random Number Generation" is not one of the subtypes available; choose one from the following: Sword, Wind, Cursor, Break, Recovery, Melee, Speed, Summon, Shadow, Ground, Guts, Shield, Bug, Team or Variable

- Missing personality

- You only have 60 sig points to spend on your signature; your current sig seems to be (10dmg Fire + 240dmg Fire + Splash), which costs 4 times that...