Clinton and Gear.exe

Name: Chris Yager
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Chris is a human of average height and build. He has messy brown hair and brownish pupils. He wears a white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and track shoes, his PET, stored in a simple holster.


Chris is a generally satisfied and easygoing person. He will accept most challenges, even if they are not really challenges with great enthusiasm.

He is a programming genius and only very few people have the programming ability to dissuade him from proclaiming himself the best unassisted hacker in the world. He is arrogant in his belief of his abilities, having been slightly dissuaded by meeting someone better than him at programming. he is surprisingly familiar with cyber law.


PET Modifications: A voice recognizer allowing him to shout out chip names instead of slotting them in manually, the chip data of course have to be stored in the PET before he can use this ability. He also has an accelerated navigator running program.

Name: Gear.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Break
Gear has an imposing look. He is taller and bigger than most navis. The most noticeable thing about him next to his size is his design. He looks like a bulkier medieval knight, with an industrial theme, exposed gears and cogs on his body. His body is coloured an industrial grey.

Gear is direct. He is not afraid to point out the errors that his operator makes. Gear and Chris do not seem to get along very well at first glance, forever arguing about minor inconsequential things.

Gear is also not a navi of many words, only speaking when spoken to or when telling Chris off.

Custom Weapon:
Gear's gauntlets on the back of his hands, expands, and grows teeth. It then begins spinning around very quickly, allowing him to hit people very hard.

Signature Attack:
Clockwork Cannon (Null)
Damage: 30(30)
Blast: 2(damage cost*2)
(2 Turn Cool Down {TCD})

Vulcan one for my extra chip and
HP+50 for my extra cust thingy.

EDIT: Can I create organizations for my background?
Pretty good registration, you only have a few issues to take care of:

Quote ()

But when thinks his abilities are challenged, he will accept the challenge, even if the challenge is not a challenge with great enthusiasm.

- Though having the word "challenge" 4 times in one sentence is impressive, it makes it a bit awkward to read. I'd just tweak this a bit.

- Chris/Gear's Appearance: They're fairly good, but are somewhat lacking in detail. Describing the color of Chris's clothing and Gear's armor would help flesh out the descriptions

- PET Mod: The voice recognizer is interesting, but I would assume he would have to slot the chips at least once to store the data in the PET itself. Battlechips are not wireless, so just be aware you can't simply call out any chip name (or chips being used by another NetOp near you)

- Custom Weapon: The description seems to be incomplete

- Sig Attack: (20dmg Blast2) is legal, but you're missing the cooldown (1 Turn Cool Down {TCD}), and it only uses 40 of the 60 points you have available. I'd recommend using all 60 of your available sig points, either by making Clockwork Cannon more powerful, or making an additional 20 point signature attack.

- You can create organizations to help flesh out Gear's/Chris's history, but just be aware that creating some incredibly powerful, high-vis organization or faction would be sort of awkward, since nobody else in the RP would be aware of them.

For your signature, Cool Down is calculated as 1TCD for every 40 points used for that sig. Since your sig now uses 60 points, it's 2TCD. (your sig originally only used 40 points, that's why it was 1TCD)
Okay, made those changes, BACKSTORY INCOMING!

Born to a suburban family, Chris was a genius with computers and people. At the age of 12 he was hacking corporate systems and tricking it's workers for fun under the name of "Ka0s". At the age of 20 he started hacking for money to pay for his collage.

For the first few months as a hacker for hire, Chris was on fire. He hit 3 systems a week for months. But in the end, everything that goes up must go down and it was the same for him. He was caught, convicted for espionage and kicked out of school just before the finals after hacking a government website.

In jail for life and with not much of a future, he was recruited into Firewall with the promise that he would be cleared of all charges. Desperate, he agreed and joined Firewall. Being assigned Gear to keep track of him.

On the last few threats to net stability, Firewall was nearly activated but vigilante net-operators, took out the threat before the paperwork could be finished. Firewall was restructured every time that happened for more rapid response. Se here he stayed, a sleeper agent with 9-5 job just waiting to be activated.
A life sentence for hacking seems a bit extreme, but I'm not a judge. Go ahead and throw the bio in.


GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, Vulcan1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50

Please post your Navi and NetOp's profiles in the appropriate databases, and build your forum signature. Please look through the Roleplaying and Battling Rules (if you haven't done so already), then you're clear to start RPing.