Name a Flaw Game

You name a flaw of the previous poster. No ground is sacred. Go.
He has roy in his name...
Believes in cancer.
Enjoys voting.

Quote (legoroy2)

Enjoys voting.


.....Is a kirby addict...
Thinks he's black.
Is..... a lame something er...... HE IS A GROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is made of a weak, fleshy substance. And water.

You fall to lame ass magnets.
Ate poisoned ketchup.

Damnit, Otacon!
Likes to yell at BwdYeti for having more awesome kirby stuff than him.
Thinks he can out-object phoenix wit robot sonic
<.< Damn mechanical yeti...

Chest spontaniously combusts from time to time.
But it was tastie.....
.....Legoroy2 is a yaoi girl, living in her fanfic world.
Horray for Animezment cosplays!
Isn't me.

Orgasms at erotic bread.
Thinks he will never drown.
Is not a pink pony
Murders pink ponies.
Does not have a video describing himself.

Like me.