Name: Valor.Exe

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Valor Will be using this form all the time)

Personality:Mute navi with a fairly serious personallity all together. He trusts nobody except for argentine and dislikes all people who attempt to harm argentine. At times he is very independent when argentine is not present making him fairly independent as well.


Weapon:Guns ( welrod type gun with good sniping capabilities )

Bio: A mute navi( doesnt talk ). his main weapon are guns he was a run away experiment to create the perfect navi of Justice. This experiment was a success but soon became very unstable. The programming itself started to corrupt and consume Valor.Exe . In order for him not to be consumed by the corruption they split his data into 2 ( creating 2 seprate navis with the power of water and earth ) and in order to patch some of the data up they gave him the element of fire, but now because of this split he lost many features ( including speech and some of his power). when reunited with the other 2 navis he gains the power of water and earth but in order not to be overpowered and possibly unstable an inhibitor program was installed and the elements have been made into program installing both nullifies his element. He ran away from the lab, because he felt like he was corrupting mindset of the scientists. the scientists started to use Valor in shady netbattles for money.

Play style: Non aggressive and very strategic.

Subtype: Cursor

Signature attack
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Valor is a mute, runaway Navi, who was the result of an experiment to create the "perfect Navi of Justice."  Though the experiment was a success, Valor soon became unstable due to his very programming becoming corrupted and cancerous.  In order to preserve the Navi, his program was fragmented and stored in the form of two other Navi-like programs.  In the end, Valor held a fire affinity at the cost of his ability to speak, while his "brothers" were Aqua and Wood, respectively.  Once they managed to safely merge the three together, the end result was a stable, Null Navi.  Valor eventually fled the lab, believing he was corrupting the mindsets of the scientists who created him; they had already gone as far as to use him in shady NetBattles for money.

This is what you're shooting for. ^
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