What mini rp would you wanna do

Yeah! Well I'm still trapped in my mission but I wanna type something fun. So I thought LETS MAKE ANOTHER RP MINI THREAD!!! But sadly, I don't know what to do next. Why don't you guys decide what we should do. Vote and choose!
Voted for everything except "too many". We don't have too many since they've all died.

I'm looking for pretty much anything we can break.
A hospital.
Because Eon would be able to interact with others. Since his character is confined to a hospital room.
a zoo, timmy is an animal lover and nikko could get in touch with her *ahem* "wild side", that, and she could try talking with some lions or tigers for she is part cat and lions and tigers are just more wild versions of the domestic cat.
A zoo would by fugging hilarious, so I'm voting for it.
i'd let timmy go insane.....let all the animals out......that would be too funny.....COME ON OUT MY LITTLE FREINDS! BE FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
A Library or a Museum. Ol' Silas would feel right at home there.

Maybe a zoo as well. Phoenix would love that.
Okay. Right now, the Zoo is in the lead and Hospital comes in close second. YAY!!!! I haven't stuffed in my vote, I'll vote last...(the truth is I cant decide)
Okay! Since no one else has voted I put up my vote for Hospital. I always wondered what you guys would do in a situation like that.


Looks like the Zoo is victorious. Hospital in close second followed by the theater in third. I guess I should get started tonight on a mini rp for the zoo. Hey, you can still vote to change the results. So if you still havent voted, now would be a good time.