Commondragon's Idea hole

This wil be my Idea hole. I put in ideas, you inspect, review, and cirtizize. Failure to do so will involve me making an idea about your demise. That is all.

IDEA #1: The game.

Type: A tactical RPG

Special attributes: It uses MANY races and MANY classes and any race can be any class (so you can hav an army of demon priests/necromancers)

Races: Human/orc/wood elf/snow el/ high elf/drow/fox person/dragon persons/gnoll/demon/wolf people/cat ppl/naga/ect.

Classes: Basics/combo(scholar)/knight/ranger/fencer/gladiator/crusader/paladin/soldier/
archer/fighter/breserk/mage/necromancer/dark mage/summoner/cleric/priest/

Why?: Because I like too
The problem lies in that when you start playing, you have absolutely no idea what to pick.

I recommend having 7-8 base classes, and then having 20-30 advanced classes, that require X of the base classes.

That way, you get a easier chose in the start, but you still have the depth after a little while.

But, be careful, classes and races don't make the game ^^
Needs more story in my opinion... >_>;

Quote (Shuryou)

Needs more story in my opinion... >_>;

Sorry, Shury, but, you are a noob.

He hasn't made an item system, or a party system, or a skill tree either.

This is an idea thread. Ideas are, well, ideas. Not complete blueprints for a game.


I am requiring a ninja class. Or assassin will be mine. : P

Whats a naga?
Naga. Isn't that sea elves? Or, more like, underwater elves. Sea elves are more like pirates. It is all very confusing >>
Nagas are creatures with fangs and snake-like bottom halves. I believe they're also gorgons.

I hope there's more coming, since right now it basically sounds like D&D with expanded classes would fit the criteria. XD
I could expand the basic lines, in fact. Instaed of the normal physical, magic, and stealth lines. I could gofor ranger, light magic, dark magic ECT.

IDEA #2: The Show #1

later, class is over for now
Commondragon posts his show now:

IDEA #2: The show #1 (for real now)

Basicly, A guy walks into an abandoned factory when he's not supposed to. He's attacked by alien parasites, he gets acid poured on him, alien DNA reproduces the acided away areas, guy must now walk around hiding his 6 finger claws and tail and stuff with only gloves and a heavy coat.

Cast: Half-alien person

Enemy: Anti-gov agencies

Allies: none

Powers: Poision claws, infra-red vision, night vision, ungodly accuracy with firearms.
Update on me game:

Battle System: FFT/FFTA/Tactics ogre style

Combo?: Yes, FFTA/other style

Class system: FFT style

MMO?: Forced into it

Admin style: Winged characters with ban hammers/warn whips.

Inventory system: Hold anything

Equip system: FFT/tactics ogre
EXAMPLE: You have slots for certain spots to hold things. Like in belt slot 1 you can put a sheath, and in 2 you can place an herb, and in 3 you put in a small bag of potions. On your back you put a quiver, and in your hands you put nothing (except a "handi shield" that slides up on the arm). This way you can switch between sword/shield, sword, and bow for combat, and have an herb and potions.

PVP style: FFTA engagement

FFTA-ish judges?: None at all

Number of base classes: 5-6
You have the same as me >:0

I wrote about it here

[waits for good ideas for steelin']
well, you have a . While you know the basics, I don' know squat about making games or find out how to.

Also, you can't steal commondragons or a few custom races from know none about them.

One thing I will do that will suck if you try it is a set of unique signature moves that only are given here and there. For example, being the first into one of the rare places that have NPC enemys (like a treasure cave) or starting a sucessful kingdom thing. Or possibly just being the 7777th player. (lucky 7's attack, kills all who have levels multiple of 7)

Admin awarded, and also you'll never match my unique moderation style. (For one, if someone holds you as a hostage in my game, you can call the admins all you want, it will be allowed to a point :3, due to the fact hostages are usually held against their wills anyways)

I need your help! What to do with my long forgotten (again) RP board (Again)

my choices are:

A: Giant Robots with swords and spears and magic and such

B: Something like the game I wish to make

C: Shape changer's school

D: another card game-ish thing

E: A space themed many-race game

F: A monster hunting game

G: A mix of every anime and game ever thoght of to be mixed in such way?