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.....In about 2 weeks I'm going to be at a magic terament..... And I'm going to be using a deck that is not in their silly metagame that was created about two days ago...... I wanted people's opinions on it....... and if you want to make suggestions on it you can, but keep in mind that it is a type two deck, so there are restrictions on what cards you can use....

RogueNetwork production

Plagued Rusalka x4
Bad moon x4
Dauthi Slayer x4
Mourning Thrull x4
Nether Traitor x4
Sudden death x4
Phyrexian arena x2
Hypnotic specter x4
Loxodon warhammer x4
Mirri the cursed x2
Plague sliver x2
Roiling Horror x2
Swamp x20
It's all about the metagame, man. Do you know what kinds of decks you'll be facing?
....I hate the metagame.... Anyway, I do not really know what the current metagame is that much, and the only decks that I know of that might be there are pickels, angelfire, maybe that green agro one, and a low chance of dragon storm...... Which all of them I can get some pratus agaist at my school...... But I am really thankful that Tooth and nail rolled out of type two about two sets ago

How I'd love to be obsessed with cards or something again.

Beyblades, Yu-gi-oh, even Pokemon.


Is Magic fun?
I don't play magic... however I do play a... "localized version", so to say. I don't know how it goes in the world of MTGCG, so feel free to ignore what rubbish I might spout.

I'm famous for always going to tourneys with... original decks, to say the least.

My deck building goes like this:

1. Stare at the cards.
2. Find a combo no sane person would use.
3. Build a deck around said combo.
4. Fill the remaining spots with cards against popular concepts.
5. Try it in a few friendly games and adjust a bit... if it doesn't work back to step 1.

Doing it like this, you always have surprise on your side. I mean, if you simply copy the deck that is considered the strongest, your chances when meeting up with it are only 50% (if you are equally skilled), and since its a strong deck, many people will copy it. Not to mention the ones that metagame and prepare against it....

Also, there is no more heartwarming feeling the seeing your opponent go 'WTF?', when you put down your instawin/enormous resource combo. There were tourneys where a judge have been called 3+ times to my table because my opponents wouldn't believe this could work : D
Ok, I don't know much about the tournament play, I just play MTG with my friends. And we get pretty competitive. We all play on a budget, so we can't exactly go out and get whatever might make our deck perfect. That's why we just make themed decks and do our best to keep them at that theme.

What I'm getting at here is, just how much money are you pooling into MTG? What cards do you have available to you? And what theme are you playing at? Just having a deck with a bunch of pretty cards is something, but having cards that work together is something completely different.

I'm not familiar with everyting listed there, but it looks like a Black deck centered around beating down the enemy and destroying anything strong enough to fight back. I'm not going into detail what I think of this just yet, as I'm not certain that's your goal, but I will say that if that's your goal, those Bad Moons are a wonderful tool. At any rate, gonna wait till I get a responce before saying anything else.
I have friends I can get the newer cards off of, so I don't have to worrie about the whole budget thing, infact, about 1/4 of the cards up there are my friends' because I have about nothing from time spirl or planer chaos and two of the hippies and the bad moons are my dad's. Also, you guessed the what the them was Tom, it is a black agro, and it also wins fast..... I was one of the first ones done with their match with a 2/0 win three times in a row.... fourth one I lost 2/1.
Not double posting is for the weak..... But tomarow is the torument, and my deck went trough major changes.... the biggest change is I am now using a metagame deck, my friend and fellow board member Whitey is using my old one. The second change is that one of my friends, who knows the metagame, revamped that deck, and basicly made the one I am using. So without wait, the deck lists

Rack and Roll- Deck I am using

19 swamps
3 ghost quarter
4 dark confidant
4 ravenous rats
4 stromgald crusader
4 cry of contrition
4 plagued rusalka
4 The Rack
4 small pox
4 hypnotic specter
4 stupor
2 phyrexia totem
total 60
side board
2 Extirpate
3 plague sliver
4 feast of flesh
2 seize the soul
2 nightmare void
2 sudden death

Roguenetwork Productions-Deck Whitey is using
18 swamps
2 snow-covered swamps
1 ghost quarter
4 sudden death
3 phyrexian arena
2 nightmare void
4 stupor
2 loxodon warhammer
3 cruel edict
4 bad moon
4 nether traitor
3 nantuko hust
2 leige of the pit
4 hypnotic specter
4 dauthi slayer
total 60
side board
3 dark confidant
4 the rack
4 funeral charm
2 persecte
2 seize the soul

Wish the both of us luck,
Whoopsies...forgot that it was type two.

In that could bring along Bubbling Muck..but be careful of mana burn.
Dark rit is not leagal in type two.