What. The. Hell.

So anyway, I have found something to top teens-4-christ. Read and be afraid.
... That gave me a headache... D:

Chip totality...?
Money Abolition?!

I'm sry, but as corrupt as money can be, or the level of corruption it can lead to, it's LOT better than the more primitive methods of commerce.
<points to self>

I am the dark forces, bishes.

Bukteban makes me plural.
And, um...


IT'S ANOTHER TINY "RELIGION" (I'm reluctant to use the term "cult," as I know people will dredge up semantics and make me into a bad guy) MELDING SPIRITUALITY AND SCIENCE FICTION.

This is really, really wacky, but it's still sort of formulaic for things of its kind.

Some imposing dark force.

Saviors, usually from space, with ultimate powers.

Vague tie-ins to religious texts or folklore.

It's a formula for success.

I'm happy being catholic,(but I belive in god not the church), and I use chaos magic on occasion...

but that was like, Gah...

also on a side note, don't think about knigdom hearts while openiing a portal with chaos magic...

on a totally unrelated side note, can someone pm me how to kill heartless? without a keyblade...