Looking for other forums

I'm just curious...

what other good forums are out there? or other 'post' or 'slow update' games are out there?

can anyone recommend any good ones... or restate thier own that they advertised before the chaos network whent down...

here are mine...

hero wars

thats all I got, click on the 'help me' link to see what herowars is like...
Well, with the lockdown of CN, a lof of the small spinoff boards became inactive. If you like slow games though, I can recomend www.timehunter.com

as for board games, you can finds lots in the voting buttons down there, although, all will be megaman related in some way ^^;;
There's always mine, I'm VERY active in modding your activitys. You just wo't have anyone else to have contact with >_>.

Try Googleing "*subject* RP forum" It helps for me. You just have to search some :_D
here! come join! it's half dead......JOIN AND HELP IT LIVE AGAIN!

I'm slowly working on mine, but, it isn't playable yet, so that won't help you >>

I'll ask you if you are still interested once it opens.