Renewal and retirement.

I'm dropping the starter pack and chips Winter currently has. She was level zero, had no zenny, and had one new chip to her name. No great loss.

I am retiring Broadside permanently. His upgrades will be transferred back to Winter. Yes, I said that correctly. In a fit of irony, Broadside was equipped with his first Speed Upgrade, Process Upgrades, Chips, and HP Upgrades from Winter. Now she's getting them back with accrued interest.

If anyone remembers how this originally happened, J.T. was mugged outside of Suitachi's shop. Winter's PET was stolen, Navi and all, and he ended up in the hospital. The original Winter is the current one's mother, such as that is for Navis. Fast forward several years, and David purchases the original PET from a Pawn Shop, the same way that J.T. purchased it from a similar Pawn Shop originally. It has seen use since then, and been refurbished three or four times... as many times as it has likely changed hands, no doubt. (It is much older than current generation PETs, by the way.)

As was the case with J.T.'s purchase, David will find that it comes as-is with whatever upgrades were installed before it was pawned off. As with every such purchase, it comes with 3 chips and two subchips to stay competitive with new models, however, the proprietor doesn't carry starter kits, so David will 'just have to make do with whatever is available.' And this is how David ended up with this PET, these chips, and these useless subchips.

David had need of a second PET following Winter actually finding David's original Navi. Having two Navis taking up one PET was starting to put a strain on the device. Since then, Winter has been largely inactive, save for unsupervised forays into the net to find a way home or any signs of her sisters. She's left to her own devices and is quickly becoming bored and restless. This wasn't helping ease the strain on the PET, so yeah... needed to get something to put her in.

In summary:

4x Winter's chips
1x SetIce
Level 13 Ro.SP
Level 10 Nadia.SP
Level 8 Rosa.SP
Level 21 Broadside.EXE

J.T.'s Zenny (Why would David have JT's money?)

21 PUs (8 converted from Winter's previous incarnation)
1 speed upgrde (previous incarnation of Winter)
5 hp upgrades (2 from previous incarnation of Winter)
2 nc upgrades
1 buster upgrade (system conversion a year after switching to Broadside)

2 poltergeist chips
1 grabstop chip

2 unlockers (2400 zenny refund, one was a reward from previous incarnation of Winter's activities)
Rebirth approved, Unlocker liquidation approved, and we will all mourn the loss of the second best large chunk of metal on the site. I reference you to my sig information for the first best.