The Force Unleashed

Well, all Star Wars fans rejoice!
We have a new game coming...taking place between episodes III and IV, with an Apprentice of Darth Vader as the protagonist...
Any remarks?
It's just them milking it for all it's worth.
It's actually a whole new plot line.
I'll scan the damn article on!!!
Google it, dotards...
Well what else are you gonna do with Star Wars? It won't die soon, so they should pump out as many games as possible!
Yeah, exactly!
But this one actually looks FUN.
You can do so much cool stuff with the force...
Force Push. Imagine it from Battlefront II...times thirty.
The thing is, it's not like Star Wars games are bad or get low reviews. They may be milking it, but the games that are being produced aren't low quality. I say as long as they can put out good games it makes perfect sense to continue marketing the franchise to consoles. I mean, KoTOR got pretty decent reviews, so did Battlefront 2, and Lego Star Wars as well... The games aren't worthless by any means.
Yeah. Absolutely awsome games.
So what if they're milking it?
They should make it were you can be any star wars race while your at it. And why the HELL is there a dark force and a light force? I want to use force lightning as a defibrillator dammit!
There's always been a dark and light force. That's... uh... part of the movies, not the games. Why would you use force lightning without using the force? Then it's just lightning. XD

They're are so many Star Wars races though... It would be hard to put all into one game.

But, you know, things continue to grow more expansive. So I guess you never know what they'll accomplish.
No customization. You're the one character!
It's like making Darth Vader like just doesn't work.
The Apprentice is how he is.