Fake warz

I would post this in user created RP'z, but its not an RP but more of an army skirmish.

I need...2 factions besides me. Post here and I will PM you will ur starters.


Faction name:

Faction color/shape (flag):

faction alignment: (Nice-Neutral-Mean)

Faction Bonus:

Faction Penalty:

Special unit:

Special Action: (minor bonus no penalty/Major bonus one penalty) Cooldown 5 posts

Rival Faction flag:


Faction name: Alamandarian strike force

Faction color/shape (flag): Yellow X (fix)

faction alignment: Neutral

Faction Bonus: Hard to lower Moral

Faction Penalty: Lower accuracy (-15%)

Special unit: EMP gunship - Gunship shoots EMP missles at enemy (Low AMMO, slow, attacks only stun electrical units, heavy armor)

Special Action: Self spotter - Artillery require no spotters during this post. However they are weaker during all posts between this and next.

Rival Faction flag: Brown S
Here we go...RULES/FAQ

Buildings do things, like give you power or make units.

Factorys: Build corresponding units (first 2 covered by general base defense)
Genorators: Create power from oil (covered by general defense)
Derrecks: Creates oil (4 per genorator, first 4 covered by general defense)
Scources: Spots to place oil
Re-arming stations: Re-arms aircraft
Defenses: Defends buildings/base in general
-Walls: blocks units from just barging into your bases
-Bunkers: Medium defensive, attacks with weapon
-Towers: Shoots over walls
-Base artillery: With spotter, bombards enemy
Spotter towers: Attack (norm)/CB (counters other artillery)

You allocate Defenses to either general base, attack camp, or standing derrecks.

Also, units: Boides go as this: Norm/Fast and weak/Slow and heavy/Omega

Light: Ace/STB/BBL/Black
Medium: Beta/STB2/BBM/Empty
Heavy: Char/STB3/BBH/Black hole
Super heavy: Delta/STBP/BBSH/Void

Cyborgs come in 4 flavors: Norm/Super/Hunter (4-leg)/Walker (super 4-leg)
2-leggers/hunters are weak against machine guns
Walkers SUCK against cannons.

Transports are as follows:
--Cyborg transport (carries up to 10 2-leggers)
--Walker transport (carries 20 2-leggers or 10 4-leggers)
--Tubar transport (vehicles up to medium body, 10 mediums max)
--Sky fortress (Vehicles up to Super heavy, 2 super heavys max)

ARTILLERY: They do much damage, but acurracy is questionable
All artillery has a -70% accuracy rating with a spotter
Missle batterys take a long time to load.
Mortars shoot continously, but do the least artillery damage
Howitzers have the longest range, and do the median damage/reload

Infantry act as weak cyborgs. Infantry require VERY LITTLE power to produce, but do the least damage (they suck), and they can be run over by tanks. However infantry can work with other weapons and act as a non-electrical version of it. Infantry need moral to stay focused. Moral lowers if you take large damages, but if you are PWnign the enemy they get a moral boost

that is all
Faction name: The Assembly of Validus

Faction color/shape (flag): Yellow, with a hand holding a rifle in a circle that's black and white in color.

faction alignment: Lawful Neutral

Faction Bonus: The infantry knows no fear. They can laugh in the face of death itself, even if it means getting stomped over.

Faction Penalty: Lack of spotter towers and normal walkers.

Special unit: Gran Antibody "Justice" Mark II heavy Walker Armor. (A Walker that can kill cannons before they have a chance to start hitting it. It has high armor as well. But all this is burdened by the lack of speed.

Special Action: Hail Validus! All ally units regain full moral, as well as an attack bonus of +5 (including mine). Cooldown 5 posts

Rival Faction flag: Green
Faction name: American Bombers

Faction color/shape (flag): Red, White, and Blue star

faction alignment: (Nice-Neutral-Mean): Mean

Faction Bonus: We have seemingly endless supplies of men and troops. But they don't last long, but we bunch up on you. Ambushes are our specialty.

Faction Penalty: Runs out of supplies quickly.

Special unit: High powered plasma gun ships - Uses two side machine guns that shoot plasma bullets. It is a large gunship that has heavy armor. But useless against anti air weaponry.

Special Action: Double the amount of weak infantry for three posts. But they are half as powerful as the original amount of troops. (Basically double what I have in infantry, but they are half as poweful.) Cooldown 5 posts

Rival Faction flag: Red Circular flag with a hand.
Faction name: order of the blood red rose

Faction color/shape (flag): black background with a red rose centered

faction alignment: (Neutral)

Faction Bonus: excell at sneak attacks(+50% chance to suprise)

Faction Penalty: not as good in indirect combat(+15% damage from attilarary)

Special unit: camo-drone( a robot made to look like a basic unit from one opposing army, must be built speciffically to one kind and only like light infantry)

Special Action: nightfall(times all strikes to happen at exactly midnight, +20% damege to bases) Cooldown 5 posts

Rival Faction flag: blood red
Problem, Your Rival flags are all colors. You need colors and shapes. Fix that....and...

Your own flags are special, it's all just one color, one shape. Ther can be a flower shape, there can be a hand shape, and ther can be a star shape.

Also, Vac, do you mean a light cyborg or human? If it's an oppoentent's cyborg you don't have as much trouble with power. Also even if it looks human it doesn't mean stray EMP strikes may be able to hit it.

Annoying reaper, what weapons does this walker have? There are cannon walkers (just weak cannons though), or is this some kind of mortar/sensor walker?

Also, I am making a note of all of this stuff together in notepad >_>. A nice.. OOC place to put it all. As well as make sure you don't cheat :D. So yes, I will have a list of your stats, and stuff, in a notepad document. Don't haxxor me or else I might introduce the meta faction (one I might use anyways)

I ment like a weaker light cyborg that looks like a human...

It weaker cause the tech has to fit inside the human shell...
kk then, it now has a higher power cost ^^

Still, fix the flags
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