Holy crap. If there was a horror movie for geeks, this'd be the no.1 grosser. It's what will terrify many computer users. And the dramatic music did it's amazing effect too. O_O.

Don't try this, and. This, is WHY spelling is so important.
Did you try it?
Gag, no >>

But, this is my work computer. Even if I find it unlikely, I don't want to risk it. ^^
Gark. The music sure get me nightmare. Is it true? Because I saw some youtube video about somebody else tried it too, but nothing happened.
they had pop-up blocker on/didn't wait the full 27 seconds

Oh god that's scary. I watched half that thing with my hands clamped over my mouth.
...I went to that site during school on the computers. Heheheheh...that computer won't be normal until next year, I wager. I got like forty popups and put a kid I hate's e-mail into the box...muhuhahahaha. SPAM!
Apparently, the real danger of Goggle is the spyware/malware. What you saw on the YouTube video was an old version of Internet Explorer getting its ass kicked by explotive code.
yeah, anybody can do poups. Why, I could easily make a link that gives you an alertbox that cannot be closed ^^

The real danger is Microsofts infamous ActiveX stuff for the old IE. By abusing those, they can put lots of spyware on your computer, and add bars to your browser. These spyware often generates more popups again.
And thusly, that is why IE and IE based browsers phail terribly. /lol