Updates from Rogan

Sorry for the no show yesterday, and sorry for brevity now. I'm on a borrowed phone and it won't run the chat. Had a bad seize up yesterday, hospital again. (Yay hospital buddies, right sage?) Was a close call, kept me in for extra tests and observation. I'm taking copies of everything I need to do, and mailing to myself, and will work on it as soon as I'm able. I'm sure they'll let me home by tonight. In passing; don't think shadow should be immune to all non-slash 100%. Bad idea. All viruses that present defence immunities have windows (like metalbody/ironbody, it drops at times, or has vulnerable parts), so that navis without the capability for countering it still have, albeit very difficult, options. If they were 100% immune to all non-slash without exception, then that would be like having a virus with permanent metalbody, and no window. Not good. Have an idea for making the effect the way it wants to be thematically, but will post when I'm home. Sorry again for not showing, will be back at it soon. Have to go now. Take care folks. -rogan
Trouble seems to be following the board around! Hope you're doing okay now and your tests turn out all right.

I wouldn't worry about the shadow or any other of my minor issues for now. None of that's going anywhere before you'll be able to put in your two cents. Thanks for taking a look at it already, though.
Sorry to hear that! Hope the tests go okay.
Thanks for the well-wishes, folks. I'm back home again now, and all fine. It was a bit of a close call, apparently, and a good portion of the time from yesterday is rather fuzzy or absent for me, and they tried to suggest again that I might be better off having someone who could act as a full-time carer for me... but frankly that's a level of disability I'm simply not prepared to accept.

Anyhow, all back safe and sound, and glad to be home again. I've got some catching up to do, it seems, and I'll get to it soon.