Iris and Cheshire

So it's been a while, and I haven't really managed a whole lot besides posting once or twice with whatever new op-navi teams I've been trying out and then forgetting about them entirely. In my ongoing attempts to get my groove back, I think it's time I brought back a team I used way back before I completely ditched this place in a fit of pique around four years ago.

This is already pretty much common knowledge in the chat, but just for the sake of public record I'll reiterate that before coming back in a blaze of negligible glory, this fellow here was my account. If you need to verify this, shoot me a PM; I have a couple ways to prove it (although it's worth noting that I can't actually log in anymore; I had the email set to an old hotmail account that's since been purged.) I'll be referring to the information in the signature throughout this topic, as it was the most up-to-date breakdown of Arco and Cheshire's stats at the time of my exit.

This is where I'm going to need some help, though -- The information is all four years old, and a great deal of it depends on systems that are no longer even in place. It's simple enough for me to update the chip list to reflect current values (i.e. my Wideshot is now a Wideshot1 that does 60 damage instead of 80), but I can't even remember how we used to set milestones for Sig Attacks, and what a 1.5a would translate to in modern terms.

Here's the breakdown of the things I'm doing and the things I'll need help with:
1. Right now, Cheshire has an embarrassing number of outdated NC parts for the buster. I'll be posting in this thread following approval to bring them up to date.
2. In-character, I'm allowing myself a short timeskip to justify the various changes to either character. Nothing four years of regular progression in OOC time wouldn't cover on its own.
3. Iris is a pseudonym -- for IC reasons, Arco has gone incognito. Cheshire's type, subtype, and appearance have changed, again due to IC reasons.
4. As the navi and operator are the same team, I plan to keep as much of their inventory as I can -- if there is an issue with this, just let me know.
4a. Kuman's Claw was an event item awarded way back when myself, Zan, and some other people took on the titular Cybeast. By all indications, these artifacts are no longer intended to do anything -- if this is the case, could I keep it anyway as a souvenir? (Checked on the chat, answer is yes?)
4b. This is the tentative updated list of battlechips in Iris and Cheshire's folder. If I've missed anything, or you think I've made an incorrect substitution where substitutions were necessary, please let me know.

Quote ()

Cannonx2 (40, [.A])
Shotgunx3 (50, [.A])
Bubbler (50, [.A], Aqua)
Heatshot (40, [.A], Fire)
Zapring (40, [.A], Elec)
Magbomb1x2 (30, [.D], Elec)
Wideshot (80, [.A], Aqua)
Flameline1x3 (70, [.A], Fire)
Firehit1 (70, [.A], Fire)
Bubstar1 (20x3, [.A], Aqua)
BambooSword (80, [.B], Wood)
FireBrn1 (50, [.A], Fire)
Boomerang2 (I never bothered to list the stats for this one)

Cannon x2 [40 + Knockback, Null, A]
Shotgun x3 [50 + Spread 1, Null, A]
Bubbler [50 + Spread 1, Aqua, A]
HeatShot [40 + Spread 1, Fire, A]
ZapRing1 [40 + Stun 1, Elec, A]
MagBomb1 x2 [30 + Blast 2 + Stun, Elec, D]
Wideshot1 [60 + Wide Attack, Aqua, A]
FlameLine1 x3 [70 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack, Fire, B]
FireHit1 [60 + Impact + Double Attack, Fire, A]
BubbleStar1 [20 + Bubble Trap x3, Aqua, D]
BambooSword [80 + Slashing, Wide Attack, B]
FireBurn1 [50 + Line Attack, Fire, A]
Boomerang2 [90 + Arc Group Attack, Wood, B]

4c. Two HPMemories, two NC Expansions, a Speed Upgrade, and 10550z, which shouldn't be too much of a problem one way or another.
5. The sig attacks, I think, are the biggest problem. As you can see, I had two of them -- a level 1 sig and a level 1.5a sig, whatever that means. I don't remember if sig-attack progression was level-based back then or what. I'm honestly not sure how to find its equivalent in terms of Process Upgrades -- if the official decision is that the systems are too different to translate them over, I'd be alright just starting from the beginner's pool of 60 and buying them on my own. I'll hold off on finishing the sig attack section until this is decided. (After checking with Asator, it looks like Process Upgrades were distributed by level after the change -- I was level 7, which equates to one Process Upgrade and a cap of 100.)
6. I'm not even going to try and calculate Cheshire's new level until after I've transferred over my NC programs and all.
7. Nothing about RobotMan is worth shelving, I think. I posted with him three times, after all. I'm fine with consigning him to the "I have to go, my planet needs me" pile.

Anyway! On to the usual stuff. I think this is all ready now, but feel free to tell me otherwise.

Name - Iris Pairika (AKA Arco Swift)
Age - 24
Gender - Female
Appearance - A slender, dark-haired woman with an attractive blend of European and East Asian features. Her height is unimposing, only slightly taller than average, and her body language is often detached, almost shrinking from view. At times, she almost seems about to disappear into the scenery without a trace. Her figure, however, is striking; slim but powerful, like a dancer's or a martial artist's.
Her mode of dress is generally rather formal outside of work, with a particular fondness for long coats and high collars. Her current favourite is a white oilcloth peacoat that falls to mid-thigh, paired with black leggings. Her choice of footwear is a little incongruous, favouring simple sneakers over anything more ornate or restrictive.
Personality - Iris very seldom smiles. Her manner is nonchalant and businesslike -- a necessity for someone working as a "finder". This chilly demeanour lifts somewhat for those close to her, but by her very nature she's difficult to get close to. Only Cheshire is capable of getting her to crack a grin without fail.
She has an affinity for crowds and for disappearing into them, effortlessly cutting a path that the eye can't quite trace, steering subconsciously out of the path of security cameras and law enforcement. If one wasn't looking for her specifically, it'd be nearly impossible to spot her in a busy place.
PET Modifications - A slightly battered black PET with a bright, reflective finish. A powerful camera lens is embedded in the back, allowing the user to take snapshots and record videos at high resolution.

Name - Cheshire.EXE
Gender - Female
Element - Wood
Subtype - Speed
Appearance - At first glance, Cheshire is a little disconcerting. Her body is hardly atypical, even perhaps attractive -- lithe, fair-skinned, silver hair cut short just below the jaw -- save for her left arm. Instead of skin, this limb is covered from mid-bicep down in flowing silk bandages of a deep black, the loose ends rising into the air and seeming to move of their own accord. These ribbons can easily shift to form new "arms", from a great fist to a monstrous fanged maw to simply a loose collection of streamers; there is evidently no flesh beneath these wrappings. The greater part of her body is covered with a loose sleeveless dress that ends just below the hips. The same wrappings cover her legs from mid-thigh up, thankfully seeming much less mobile than those on her arm. The skin of her face, arms, and legs is crisscrossed with bright red markings -- not scars, evidently, but too random to be simply cosmetic. A large brass clock is strapped to her back by a pair of chains that cross over her chest. A crescent moon has been etched into the clock face, the combination of the white moon and the clock's hour-marks seeming to form the abstract shape of grinning teeth. Not hers, though; her own teeth are serrated, and razor-sharp.
Personality - Mischief incarnate. Cheshire is vividly aware of the disquieting effect she has on some others, and quite enjoys taking advantage of it. Beyond that, she can be quite friendly, and even sweet, but never quite gets over her tendency for fun at someone else's expense. There's a definite violent edge to this at times; sometimes, it even seems as if she's siizing someone else up for a potential meal.
Custom Weapon - Cheshire makes use of her wrapped left arm for most purposes, shifting it into different tools depending on the situation. However, she is versatile; she isn't afraid to use her legs, knees, or even her head to serve up some pain if necessary.
Signature Attack - Taste Test (100₧)
| Drain 15 | Pull 1 | Glitch 3 | Single-Target | 3 TCD |
Cheshire lashes out with her wrapped arm, its composite ribbons unwrapping themselves and grabbing at the target. The victim is pulled a short distance toward Cheshire, while the ribbons themselves suck out a small amount of their life force and spread the corruption that is rampant inside her.
Rebirth Approved

GET CHIPS: CheshireFolder
GET NCP: Attack+ x2, Rapid+ x1, Charge+ x3, Undershirt
GET UPGRADES: Speed Upgrade x1, Process Upgrade x1, HP Mem x2, NC Expansion x2
GET ZENNY: 10550z