I have no idea what to put in this here topic. Already introduced myself in the chatroom, sort of. I was lookin' for a MMBN RP, and I kinda found this place-- looked better than the other one.

Turns out my Yu-Gi-Oh! buddy fortezanzo was here at one point. That's nuts, man.

Pose your questions to me, here, I guess.

We chatted a bit, and as you've seen the chat is probably the best place to get any of your quick questions or confusions answered. we're mostly a friendly bunch and happy to chat or answer questions, so it's all good.

That said, asking around in chat isn't ever going to be quit the substitute for familiarising yourself with the rules directly (at least in my opinion), so while you're getting acquainted with the place, take a look over the basics in our rules section. It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but on the whole it's really not.

Here's hoping you enjoy your time here, and welcome again!

I was also a Yu-Gi-Oh buddy of Fortezanzo. I haven't seen him/talked to him in a while though. How is he?
Well then, welcome to the forum. I hope you have a great time here! Since you already know about the chat, I can't say to go there so...have fun. X3