Justice and Skyline.exe

Name: Justice
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 6'2, usually wears dark blue jeans with boots. Olive green t-shirt/undershirt, with a black hoodie. He wears this even through the spring. However when it becomes summer time...the hoodie comes off and he changes from an undershirt to regular t-shirts and polos. And he wears tan cargo shorts with some stylish running shoes. Unless of course he is working, then it is back to the dark blue jeans. And he is also left handed.
Personality: Loves to battle with his Navi Skyline.EXE, loves winning a fight even more than starting one. If you are friends with him, then he is a nice guy who will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. If you are a stranger, then you will receive the benefit of the doubt and will usually treat you as he would a friend, unless you give him a reason not to trust you or to like you. Then you become labeled an enemy. And he is not someone you want as an enemy. He is an ex special forces Navi operator, and can handle pressure so he well that he probably does better when under it. He is not someone to be pushed around, simply because he won't tolerate it. The same goes for pushing around a friend or just some stranger on the street. If they didn't deserve it then his philosophy is, you are going to deserve what is about to be dealt to you. Doesn't really like talking about his past, it's rather chaotic and full of sorrow. He is the only remaining survivor from his Special Forces unit and it is his goal to find the man responsible for their deaths.
PET Modifications: PET is metallic silver, with a blue tint with a dark, metallic red stripe going around the edges.

Name: Skyline
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: His color is metallic, silver with a bluish tint with a dark, metallic, blood red, stripe going down his left side...as a sign of respect for the comrades that he...left behind. He wears a black visor that covers slightly below eye level and higher. His helmet is slightly elongated in the back to make for more aerodynamic, faster movements when in battle. He has blonde hair, almost a golden type color coming out the lower bottom of his helmet, in a spiky style. He is left handed like his operator. Has a metallic black sheath like object going from top left of his back to bottom right, it has been custom made to hold his sword. Allowing for him to grab the sword from it using his left hand. The color of his hands and feet are both a shiny, metallic black. With dark, metallic red lines going down each of the fingers on his left hand coming to points at his fingertips. His sword is a metallic black with what looks like a blood stained red design going down the blade. It has blue and bright white electricity crackling around it. It is a rather large sword in width, thickness, and length. Weighing at about 5 times as much as a katana it is slower yet not to slow to fight with, and packs a whopper of a punch.

Personality: Used to be a military special forces Navi. He won't back down from a fight, for any reason, simply because when he does, it makes him feel weak. That is something that he can't tolerate. He loves being under pressure when in a fight and his performance increases when fighting a truly skilled opponent. Close to his operator, his last friend, due to the loss of his old team (the same one that Justice lost). Has vowed to find who ever caused it and take them down. No one has witnessed his speed do to the weight of this sword. Which he refuses to not fight with, thus sacrificing his speed. However He will drop it in extreme cases that require faster movements.

Custom Weapon: Fallen Angel (sword). Described in appearance
Signature Attack: Razor Lightning, causes 45 Elec damage by surrounding the opponent in a lightning storm while getting lightning fast, razor sharp slashes from Skyline as he dashes in and out of the storm causing 15 extra normal damage + (2 TCD)

Has NaviCust program, ResetStage
Just a couple things:
- the descriptions are okay, but they're somewhat hard to read because of the rather choppy flow of the sentences. Not serious, but it makes it kind of difficult to get a good mental picture of your characters

- change "wheres" to "wears" (sorry, I'm a stickler for spelling)

- For your signature attack, you have 60 points to play with. From what I can see in your current signature, it looks like:
(45dmg Elec + Slashing + 2 Turn Cooldown), which is only 45 points. You still have 15 to spare.

- Choose one of the following NaviCust Programs: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

Alright I just edited my original post. Is it any better. I added 15 normal damage to my sig so that should make it 60. Also if my descriptions are still to choppy then what exactly do I need to do to fix them. Because that's just how I type.
Your sig attack would have only 2 turn cool down. If it's 1TCD per 40 points, and your sig's total point cost is 60, then it's 2 TCD.
Oh my fault. I thought it was 1 tcd for every 20. very well. correction made.
seems okay then, APPROVED

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, ResetStage

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