Hey Hey Hey!

Hello all! I'm an avid Roleplayer, and a better friend! I come from the Star Force RP and Megaman EXE RPG forums, you can see my name, no need to say it!

Only Issue I have as of now: I cannot use the chat portal because my comp cannot run Java, so send me a PM to talk up something!

I hope we can have a great time! Seeya all soon!
Welcome, I hope you will enjoy RPing here! Are you still having issues with the chat? I think I saw you in there earlier... If you do have any questions, the chat's the best place to ask, or ask a moderator or another member.
Welcome! Aim pretty much covered it. Nice to see new members, especially ones that are already RP savvy. Like Aim said, feel free to PM any of us Mods, Officials, or fellow members if you have any questions if the mobile chat is too annoying to use. Don't be afraid to reach out to us, especially me, if you're stuck on certain rules, registration stuff, etc.
Thanks fellas! Also, I got the Java to work now, so you can see me in the chatroom now!