Slash and DeathShadow


Name: Slash
Personality:Pretty much nice.But has a bad temper when be taunted to much.
He can be a REAL jerk at times.
Appearance:A 14 yrs-old kid with a red shirt and blue pants.Two eyes.5ft 4in.
Hair mostly ragged. weighs 130 lb.
PET modifications: Can attach to arm.


Name: DeathShadow
Gender: Male
Sub Element: Shadow
Personality:Mostly nice. But brags at times when winning.
Mostly likes to work alone when doing team matches.
He's doesn't give up without a fight or something like that.
He wears the state of the art MKIII space battle armor with a cape.
5ft 1in. The red gem in this chest and head is DeathShadow's power source.
His Natural black armor blends into the shadows where Death sleeps.

Custom weapon: Shadow Discus
Description:A yoyo type of weapon with razor-like blades on it.

Signature attack: Shadow Slash

Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw,Shotgun
Key items: Slash's PET
Navi Customizer contents:Undershirt (10 Points),HP+50
Navicust points available: 10+/40
Signature Attack(s):

Shadow Slash:
Cooldown:2 turns
Description: DeathShadow uses his Shadow Discus to
Slash his opponent.
It's nice to see new faces here. I really enjoy it, I do. The problem is when people try to get all Poker Face on us and read -just- enough of the rules to be stupid! It's such a pain, it is.

You know what I mean, right?

You know that You have to actually write a description for your appearance, of course, you'd never make a mistake like that...

And of course, you also know that You can't have any licensed characters or official Mega Man characters for your own...


And you also know that even if the character itself is unique, you can't use pictures of licensed characters, like, say, Soma Cruz from Castlevania... So I don't really see what the problem here is!

And I'm sure you know that you need to write at least three sentences each for both of your characters' appearances, and their personalities...

So yeah, you should (not) be okay!

Click me!
Read past my sarcasm and fix your registration. Also: Read the rules next time, and you'll have a happier future where you're not ridiculed for failing to read the character registration rule-post, rather than just copying the template and ignoring everything THE TEMPLATE ITSELF says. 'Kay? 'Kay.

Assuming you're still reading...
Your first sig is fine (But would have a 2-turn cooldown and NEEDS A DESCRIPTION), but your second sig is not. You can make a spike go shooting out of the ground, but to make an object out of it you'd need to pay the costs/etc to make an object. Also, you don't have enough points starting out to have both of those. You'd have enough for the first sig alone, assuming you wrote a description for it.

I'm kind of nervous here.
Don't be nervous, we're here to help you out. The biggest issue we have is we have an absolute 0 tolerance rule about using or referencing canon characters. "Megaman" does not exist here, no one has heard of Lan, Megaman.EXE, Wile, Bass, etc, and not one of our hundreds of members over the years have used a canon character (and many of us have created dozens of unique characters each).

Use your imagination to create your own unique characters, this is your story, so don't you think being unique and descriptive would bring about a better RP than a hastily thrown together copy of another character?

By "original," we don't mean your character's design can't be somewhat inspired by other characters from all the different videogames, anime, manga, and cartoons out there. Take my Navi, MachMan, for example:

His design is based off Megaman, but his color scheme is quite different, instead of wearing a helmet, his hair is spiky and metallic (inspired from the Ray-series robos in Custom Robo), has ear pylons (inspired from Megaman Zero-series designs), thrusters mounted on an angled chest plate (inspired from the MS-18E Kampfer mobile suit), and floating wing structures (partially inspired by the Protoss from the StarCraft series, and my own ideas).

Please don't be afraid to ask us questions about anything, come on to The Chat to be able to talk with us one-on-one and get to know other members.
There I fixed it!
1. You're still using a canon character name.

2. You need actual written descriptions for your Navi/NetOp's appearance and personality (more than just a single sentence long)

3. Your navi's "normal form" is just a recolor of X from the Megaman Zero series. The battle sprite is okay, but the normal one is very obviously just a recolor.

4. Please read the signature attack rules, you only have 60 sig attack points to start out.
how is Omega ZX a canon name?
Omega: Main antagonist in MMZ3
ZX: From the ZX series

It would be like trying to register a Megaman Bass.EXE, or Zero Duo.EXE, or Roll Axl.EXE
When it comes to canon characters or references to canon characters, yes. We have an absolute 0-tolerance policy when it comes to that, and yet we've still been active for years.

It likely didn't help that your original description for Omega ZX was "Omega with some changes." It was rather obvious you were trying to take a canon character and adapt him to the MMBN universe.

We're not trying to be mean, or make things difficult for you. Please keep asking questions, we want to help you enjoy this site and the RP. If you want ideas on how to make your character original and unique (you're making good progress with the battle sprite, etc), don't be afraid to ask any of us. We have some really awesome creative minds and artists here, and we'd be more than happy to help you out (not saying I'm an awesome creative mind or artist, all I can do is sprite. :< ).
First i'm sorry for that outburst. Second I made Omega ZX when MegamanX4 was new.
So I don't know why? Plus WTF is Megaman ZX?!
Wait, how did you create the character back in ~1997 (when X4 came out), then say Omega ZX looks like, "Omega with some changes," which is a character from a game that came out in 2004?

Megaman ZX:
As in omega i meant Omega ZX. Because I put more detail on Omega.
Also I never saw the end of MMZ3 or final boss.
And saying "Omega with some changes" tells us what your Navi looks like, how? So you're saying it's a slightly different design of an original character? That would give us absolutely 0.000 description of your navi. Sorry, the BS flag is flying high.

This pointless little argument has run its course. Nix the name, put in detailed descriptions of your Navi/NetOp's appearance and personality.

Slash's physical description: As of right now, Slash could be 3 feet tall, have 3 eyes that shoot rainbow-colored sherbet, and weigh 450lbs. We have no idea.

Slash's personality: The description is just... weak. This is YOUR character; wouldn't you want to put some effort into your own creation? How does he interact with his Navi? What is their relationship like?

Navi appearance: You can keep the sprite, but you also need to put in a written description. It is clearly stated in the rules, which you need to read. ((From your illegal posts you made in the real world and the Net, you obviously didn't read the RPing rules either.))

Navi personality: See "Slash's personality"

Custom Weapon: Nix the name, and please give a description of the weapon.

Signature Attack: Please provide a description of the attack. Does he dash forward and shoulder-ram the enemy? Does he deliver a flying kick? Lash out with a sword?

Also, please choose one of the following NaviCust Programs (to go with your Undershirt): HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
First there is no such thing as Set Solar. You mean Set Holy right?
((From NaviCust Program Database))
Set Solar 15 Allows you to freely activate Solar Zone once per battle.

((From Terrain Rules))
-Heals Elec Elementals for 5 HP per action.
-Adds 100% Base Wood Damage
-Wood Elemental attacks change Solar Panels to Cracked Panels.
-Deals Elec Damage + Stun when used w/ Panel Shot.

There is no such thing as Set Holy here on RERN. You can only create holy panels using HolyPanel or Sanctuary BattleChips. The reason being is having a very cheap way to create holy panels would break the game. HolyPanel and Sanctuary battlechips are very rare, due to their power.
Is there anything else I have to fix?
I guess I should've been more specific, but the registration rules ask for 3 sentences minimum for descriptions. If that doesn't make sense (since you have a sprite), here's the reason: Sprites are very limited when it comes to showing minute details, unless you have a bloody massive sprite. Showing just a sprite doesn't display all of the physical details of your navi.

You're missing the cooldown on your signature, please add 2 Turn Cooldown (2TCD) to it.

Other than that, you should have (barely) enough to have a complete registration. A word of warning though... If you think you'll get anywhere in the RP without reading the rules and giving 1-sentence descriptions of your RP, you will be sorely disappointed in the results. Also, if you continue with the

Navi: "blablablabla"
NetOp: "Blablabla"

"Script Style" form of RPing, you will get hit with yet another warn for ignoring the rules again.

sorry about that.
Is my Navi approved or not?