Painful Absence

Well, some of you have probably noticed that I've been nearly absent from, well, everything. (Cough cough Knight cough cough) This is not because of my usual laziness, for once, but rather because for 9/10ths of a given day, I have been feeling like crap. The times I actually pop into the chat and say something are the times I'm not feeling horrendous. On monday, however, I will be having dental work done that should (at least given a couple days afterward...) stop the pain. So at that point I'll likely return to being around more, but until then I would like to ask those who I have modlocked to please be patient. At this point I seriously lack the inspiration to post much of anything, much less the period of pain-free time necessary to do so, so it will likely be after the procedure before I post anything else.

If that is unacceptable, please feel free to get another mod. I won't hold it against you.

Crit out.
Get better soon, Twi.