Mortimer Cool and Robotman.EXE

Alright, first off, forget about those other two dudes I posted with once before disappearing. They never happened. Who the hell do they think they are, pretending they exist? That's just too audacious!

Here's two people who do exist: a hippie and a robot! I'm not 100% on a couple of things, so please do smack me down if I'm a little close to the sun.

"Enlightenment, brothers: It's what I'm about."
The Dusty-Foot Peacenik!
Name - Mortimer Cool
Age - Into his 30s or 40s? No one's sure.
Gender - Male
Appearance - A windswept man in windswept clothes at least thirty years out of fashion. Mortimer Cool carries himself with an easy kind of upbeat grace, effortlessly insinuating himself into any crowd despite how terribly his appearance clashes with those around him. His clothes have obviously seen a great deal of travel; a rumpled brown poncho is worn tossed dramatically over his left shoulder, exposing a loosely buttoned sienna dress shirt bearing several pins and badges. His faded blue jeans have been patched at the knee and the hem with colourful pattered fabric, and obviously more than once. Unruly brown hair falls down to his shoulders, his head completely obscured above his signature round sunglasses. His sideburns and mustache are surprisingly well-kept. Various totems and charms from all over the mystical spectrum hang from cords around his neck.
Personality - "Personality" is a fairly apt word to describe Mortimer. Friendly and easygoing to whoever he meets, and ever eager to share his stories or nuggets of wisdom he gained on his travels, the man is the very epitome of the hippie ideal. Despite his outdated mode of fashion and speech, he seems very much up to date with current events and styles, and is always on the hunt for more stories to tell and places to explore. He can seem absent, or even distant at times, but never quite loses his trademark grin.
PET Modifications - Mortimer's PET is, quite frankly, ridiculously outdated. A relic from the early days of NetNavi technology, it lacks the slick, organic shape of its successors, instead looking more like a small brick of plastic with a four-colour LCD screen. It's been retrofitted with a wireless jack and, strangely, a motorized base that lets it whizz around under the navi's control. "To let him enjoy the real world a little too, y'know?"

The Big-Hearted Enigma!
Name - RobotMan.EXE
Gender - Robot
Element - Normal
Subtype - Bug
Appearance - RobotMan's silhouette is oddly similar to that of a factory-default navi, including the light "armour" and decidedly mechanical style. There are some marked differences, however, including a much sleeker profile and the raw metal appearance of his plating. His legs are roughly rectangular and continue to the ground with no real presence of an actual foot beyond the base lengthening somewhat. The chestplate and gauntlets are traced with small glowing lines that stem from his raised emblem. Two glowing blue eyes are projected onto his faceplate, which has a vaguely skeletal shape that nonetheless fails to be very menacing. The helmet itself is circular and largely nondescript save for the sudden way it cuts off above the neck and the popular high ridge that runs over the center.
Personality - RobotMan enjoys many things, all the time. He is incredibly enthusiastic about most things he encounters, displaying an almost childish wonder and zeal. He seems to swing between extremes, quickly becoming pensive or enraged before settling back into his happy normal. Despite his volatile mental state, he rarely directs his mood swings at other people or navis -- he's very considerate, you see.
Custom Weapon - RobotMan's arms reconfigure into a standard arm cannon, although due to a binge of wuxia films he'd much rather use his fists and feet.
Sig Attack - Robot Curse (60) - RobotMan can draw in loose data strands and redundant processes and incorporate them into his own body. This only works if he's thinking about something hard enough, but he tends to have enough questions that it's not much trouble.
Passive (4 x ...) 5 Drain (5 x 2 = 10) + Spread1 (10 / 2 = 5)
Targets one enemy, listed in move summary. According to rulings in chat, the Spreaded damage does not Drain to RobotMan.

Oh yeah, and I'll go for the HP+50. Might as well bulk up.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, RageClaw1 x1, Shotgun x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50