My rping...

I love this board and I love rping, and I love megaman battle network. Alot of stuff is going on in my life right now with graduation, this one girl, and AIT training coming up. With that said I probably wont partake in any rping until I return which I don't even know when I'm leaving which is probably a very bad thing, but any ways I'll still try and participate in minor discussion.
Well, good luck at all of those things. I hope Sparks will be back in action in the future so SINNBAD can get a Cross with him.
No problem, good thing you're not letting yourself be absolutely absorbed into this forum and know when to stop to deal with real life problems.

Best of luck to you.

I'm sorry if any of that came out weird.
Lol, it's all good. I'll be active as soon as I can.