Tom's Activity Thread

Reduced activity coming up. I know, and I've been back for so long too, ahah. I should still be around, but I'm looking at some major life changes soon, hopefully. I'll keep in touch.
So, err, guess I'm back. Hey guys! I think I've already said hi to everyone in the chat already though, ahah. Good to be back, it's always nice to stop in and see how things are going around here.
Tom! A hearty welcome back, sah! Glad to see you've returned, but beware. There are new guys around, and some of them show promise. Keep battling or they might just start beating you!
>Implying you have to be high leveled to be awesome.

Welcome back, Tom.
>Implying we need implying on RERN

Also, Yo.
Bah, I don't think I could keep up with this new generation anyway. This old dog has enough trouble keeping up as is. I think I'll go ahead let these bright young stars take the center stage. (Of course, I'll take the position of wise old mentor, to stay in it. Bwahahaha!)
I'd like to take up the Auron role with the drinking and the giant swords. Also, yo Tom.
Bluuuurgle. I miss you, Tom! Too bad I'm never on here anymore.

Except to stalk the non-RP forums, apparently. Sometimes cool links are posted.
Holy crap this is awesome. Browsing with my PS3,that's new. In any case, my laptop crapped out on me and while this is an interesting change of pace, I don't think I can chat like this. Be back in a bit.
lol, I know that feeling. Browsing's cool and all but a little unwieldy.
I usually browse with my Wii/DSi. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it's great once you get the hang of it.
Who's back? This guy. Heck yeah. Some couple hundred dollars later and everything is hunky-dory. Thinking about getting back into the RP scene too. I've been looking for a writing community for a while now and it's like I'm just now realizing, "Well, hurr, that's RERN, right?" I mean, even as a hobby, writing is writing. Well, I'm sure I'm just babbling now. See you folks around.
Good to have you back.
Welcome back. : )

(Too bad Aim and Heat aren't here to celebrate)