Entry Logs



Day #15 of Captivity
Specimen showing signs of life. Does not seem to be fully understanding of the surroundings.  We begin our test to day

Day #27 of Captivity
Specimen is growing at an extreme rate. It still seems to be unresponsive, but will trace movement with its eyes. Will have to continue experiments.

Day #33 of Captivity
Specimen is finally showing signs of response. We believe that it has the mind of an adult male, at this point. We intend to celebrate tonight. Specimen continues to watch us, though...

Day #48 of Captivity
Specimen showing basic motor skills. It seems to be walking around the area to get an idea of the basic area it's being kept in. Seems that, at this rate, we'll have to name it soon. What should we name something like this, though?

Day #79 of Captivity
Seems that we have a name. 'Rex' is everyone is calling it, currently. Butter then numbers and letters, I suppose. Anyway, Rex has already gained basic reading skills, and is beginning to speak. odd thing is, he is speaking with several different accents, switching at random between Mexican, Irish, Southern, Boston, and Russian. I'll have to take a look at this myself.

Day #93 of Captivity; Day #1 of Escape
Something unexpected happened to day. It seems  as if Rex has wandered out of the holding area and is exploring the compound. this isn't a problem, though. We have several of the guards out looking for him. He can't hide that long, can he?

Day #95 of Captivity; Day #3 of Escape
Rex is still yet to be found. Many of our workers have been reporting hearing scuffing sounds from the air vents. Although the higher ups say that it's just rats , I still had our Security do a scan of the vents. We have no idea where Rex is though. There are many other experiments I hope to do with him...

Day #96 of Captivity; Day #4 of Escape; 3 Missing
We... we are not sure of whats going on. One of the scientists called in, reporting that he saw something crawl into an air vent early this morning. I sent in two armed guards to make sure that he is safe.

I haven't heard from any of the three since last night. I... I don't know whats going on, but I know for sure one thing: We have to catch whatever is in here. I wonder if it could be Rex, but I tell myself it isn't. Rex is still not fully grown, and these were two heavily armed guards. But, just in case, I have all the Guards on constant watch.

Day #98 of Captivity; Day #6 of Escape; 24 Missing
I don't know whats going on! this morning, everything was fine, the suddenly, people started to disappear.  Suddenly, there are less then thirty people in the compound altogether, and only two guards. We are all staying in the main lobby, trying to stay awake. I've sent out a distress call to as many places as I could, I just hope we'll get a response...

God, what have we done?

Day -----
I am all alone. Everyone is dead. I am in a janitorial closet right now. That thing we have created is outside right now, searching for me. It is becoming something I don't understand. It seems to be simply hunting us for the pleasure of it. Whatever has happened to it, it...

It's right behind me.

Whoever gets this, tell my wife Izdfvnhloscb sdfaf cfRNBMHKOrASCDJK znhjsgrzzm zsfJKL:jzsdv,


And thats all you really need to know about me! Any questions?

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I do have a question though; What would you guys say the two least used elements are? I'm guessing Sword and fire are two of the most used here, like almost everywhere else.
We have a topic on this somewhere...


Haven't been updated in a while I think, but should give you an idea.

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Fire's got a few people, but most are in Normal. Sword isn't used much due to its dependence on breakable chips. XD