Zero & Zx.EXE

Operator Name: Ittou Zenten (ZERO)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ittou's height is slighty above average, about 6' 1". His body has a toned muscular build from strength training and being a track athlete. Ittou has medium —long, light blue hair that drapes down between his red eyes. He wears a black tee-shirt with a white vest and a siver chain & pendant. Ittou wears black jeans with skull head chain belt and white tennis shoes.

Personality: Ittou is a brilliant tactician, masterful chess player, expert computer hacker but he tends to be withdrawn from other people. He doesn't talk to anyone but Kyzer unless they talk to him first. Even then it usually is a quick conversation then Ittou walks away. Although he is shy around people, he is courageous when he needs to be. He uses his cleaver mind to figure out and beat seemingly impossible odds.

PET Modifications: Ittou has modified his PETs color scheme to green with black and silver trim. He has also created a docking bracer for his right arm that allows the PET to hook up to the internet wirelessly via satellite.

NetNavi Name: Kyzer.EXE (Ki-Zer)
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Kyzer is as tall and has the same build as any normal male net navi. His armor is a shiny emerald green with silver trim. His he has a right forearm gauntlet that can project a sword or a buster shot. His helmet is a dark green color with silver accent on top and a light green visor to protect his eyes and a silver crest. His boots are a dark emerald green with a reinforced metal knee guard. Kyzer also has green and silver pauldrons that make his shoulders bigger and provide a little extra protection. In the middle of Kyzer's chest, he has an emblem of his symbol.

Personality: Kyzer is focused and relentless when it comes to battle, pushing himself harder and harder, even if it could cause him to be deleted. Kyzer's goal is to become strong enough to figure out his true purpose for existing. Although Kyzer seems to have a death wish he still feels that the needs to protect Ittou through his dangerous missions. This is probably do to the fact that Ittou saved Kyzer and gave him a place to live with him.

Custom Weapon: "Blade Hand" (Right arm gauntlet) Kyzer's Custom weapon is his right arm gauntlet. When battles start the gauntlet expands into blade Kyzer uses for attacks but when not in battle it transforms into a bracer allow Kyzer to use his right hand normally. It also allows Kyzer to shoots green buster shots in the form of spears.

Signature Attack: (60/60)

Double-slash: (40 Slashing/Null damage) / Multi-Hit; Melee Attack {1 (TCD)}: Kyzer quickly slashes twice in row in front of him, dealing twenty damage with each strike of his sword.

Buster Spear: (20 Null); Shot Attack {1 (TCD)}: Kyzer shoots a buster shot from his right arm in the shape of spear straight forward.

0 zenny
2 MiniEnergy subchips; 150 HP (100 base hp + 50 NC)
Cannon, a Shotgun, and Rageclaw1
NaviCust: Undershirt and HP+50
Just a few things:

- Please find a different name for your Navi, because you probably already know Zx is a series of Megaman videogames, and canon references are not permitted.

- The sprite is ColonelCross Megaman.EXE. Even if it is actually edited, it's quite obvious as to who he is. Your Navi's design is essentially identical to ColonelCross, and we can't allow that.

- Your signature attacks are good, but you need to list Cooldowns. The cooldown ratio is 1TCD (Turn Cool Down) per 40 points, so each of your sigs will have 1 TCD.

- As for Tri-slash (other than it has a sort of odd name for being a two-hit attack), please chose either Multi-hit (2 hits on the same target), or Multi-target (1 hit each for 2 targets
I fixed my profile. Thanks for the tips and i hope it meets your standards.
Alright, looks okay now.


GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50

Please post your NetOp and Navi profiles in the appropriate databases, and update your forum signature with the required information. (Zenny/Battlechips listed outside of the tabs, have your Navi's Element, Subtype, HP, Actions, Buster stats, Sigs, Battlechips, NCP, and Subchips listed, etc) Once that is done, please read up on the posting/roleplaying/battling rules (if you haven't done so already), and get to busting! Feel free to stop by the chat to ask questions and get to know the other members.