Away this weekend

I'm gonna be in Toronto this weekend, as a result of Anime North. This won't really mean much, as I often go weeks without saying a word, but now I have a good reason for it.
I'm going to be away this weekend.
I'm going to not be around much this weekend.

...Because of a con.

In the South.
I managed to find a computer, so I won't be as gone as I thought.
I'm at AN too. I think EN is too.

I look like this:
(left side)
Well, I'm not actually there, although my sis is. Look for a girl dressed as shippuden naruto hanging out with a short red-head.
Well, AN was great, I went on Sunday. I got a little Luigi action figure, and I plan on going next year, dressed as a TF2 class, possibly the Medic.