Mary and Lord T

Doing these two simultaneously with Virgil and Daisy.

Lord Tetra


The lord is a rather tall man, standing at 6 foot 4. The man's face is angular, with black hair reaching to his shoulders. The strangest thing about the man's face would be his square pupils and iris.

The man dresses in a black greatcoat, with the buttons shaped like 4 squares in a straight line. The edges of the coat are covered by a repeating dark red block pattern, with each one being 1X1 inch, and the pattern itself being 2 blocks high. Connecting the collar's blocks to the bottom of the coat is the same pattern up along the back in a straight line, repeating itself upwards while being two blocks wide. The end of the sleeves has the same pattern as well, and is two blocks thick.

He wears black dress pants and shoes, with the same red block pattern at the bottom of the pants legs.

Personality: The man is a rather composed individual, retaining a calm demeanor in most situations. Though he seems unflappable, his expression sometimes belies the faintest hint of sadness, as though a series of tragic events have taken a heavy toll on him.

...Or possibly a single event...

Weapon: tetricus

The Tetricus are several objects that the lord can summon, each one a basic shape made of 4 blocks, which float around the lord. Each shape has its own color and special property that the lord can use.

Like using the L shaped ones as guns.


L: Gun Women(60)
The Lord calls in three females mafios armed with some kinds of handguns.

3 5 hp objects
Each has passive 5 damage: shot accuracy
CD 2

NCP: Stage reset

Mary Rosenqueen

Mary is a slim 5'9, 18 year old girl with an average bust. She has long black hair, parted in a manner that covers one of her hazel eyes. She tends to wear black clothes.


Mary is a rather shy person, barley able to make a sound when met with someone new. In these situations, her navi does the talking. Of course that is only when they are in person, otherwise Mary is a bit more talkative, but still quite shy. If one manages to talk to her long enough, they might find out that Mary has an interest in architecture.

PET: Black

Starting NCP: Stagereset
It's fine, approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, StageReset