Hey I'm new here I'm Sage's cousin new here looks pretty fun
Welcome aboard. If you're anything like your cousin, I guess we can expect good things from you. XD
Actually Bomber, my cousin's absolutely nothing like me. A prime example being that he already forgot about this board, the scatterbrained idiot. >_>''
Hey, welcome, enjoy your time here! There's never been a better time to become involved with RERN. : D
Reminds me of my one buddy I got to join CN. Loves MMBN, loves writing and literature, regs a character, gets approved, goes out to RP, never comes back. ._.

Oh well.
Sup FROCKLIFFE. I'm Grim, resident spriter and reaper of souls. I hope you have fun here! If you have any questions about the rules, Navi creation, anything really, don't be afraid to let us know!