Duke and Vesta.EXE

Name: Duke Chester
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Duke looks very much so like your average, Netopian tennager. He stands at a modest 5'8" and has a decent muscle definition, skin lightly tanned from his work in athletics. His unkempt, medium-brown hair always seems to fall just the way he likes it. As far as clothing goes, Duke dresses more often than not in blacks and yellows. He wears one specific shirt more often than others, a black graphic tee with abstract yellow arrows crossing down the side, as well loose, airy, black basketball shorts with a yellow accent that go a bit past the knees, and complimenting brand-name, aerodynamic sneakers. All his belongings, including his books, schoolwork, and an emergency aid kit, are stored in a matching black and yellow cinch sack with Vesta's Navi Emblem personally customized to the back, with his PET hung around his neck.

Duke has had a great sense of self-esteem and confidence since enrolling in sports at a young age, though that isn't to say he isn't without fault. He has a striving to do well in life, having gone to several private schools under his wealthy family. He is naturally personable and energetic, but outside of competitions and outings, Duke remains laid-back and cool to conserve his energy. Duke appreciates good fun, unlike some of his friends, and is rather afraid of getting in trouble. In all actuality, though, Duke is under a great deal of stress, despite being the "perfect son", and it's only a matter of time before something or another happens.

PET Modifications:
Duke's Progress PET (PET III, ((or RMBN5 PET)) ) is rather standard in appearance. It has a yellow base with black trim, with a slide-out keyboard, cameras located on the front and back. A cord runs through the side, hanging around Duke's neck. There are also additional headphone/mic jacks and an audio buffer enhancement, which improves the quality of sound, to accommodate the 12GBs of indie rock and pop stored within.

Name: Vesta.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed
Vesta stands out dramatically well. A sort of athletic navi, herself, she stands just under (a human equivalent of) 5'9". While it's not noticeable, she is rather muscled, but lean. Her straight, coral-pink hair falls just past her shoulderblades and spikes outwards at the ends, a dynamic sort of red-tinted visor locking it all neatly in place. She has a small, rounded nose and thin eyebrows, matching her walnut-shaped golden eyes.

As far as armor goes, Vesta wears a full-body sunshine-yellow jumpsuit, an orange one-piece much like a swimsuit layered over. Her navi emblem is embedded in the center, a lightning bolt superimposed over a bee. Floating, magnetic bands line Vesta's arms, crackling with electricity.

Vesta is excitable, energetic, and reckless, almost hopelessly so. She is a free spirit, often humming to herself or jumping around on the battlefield. These eccentricities often deter new friends, but when you do get to meet her, Vesta is lively and fun. She loves conflict and a good challenge. However, she doesn't take criticism very well.

Custom Weapon:
The magnetic bands that line Vesta's arms all resonate together to fire electric bullets from her hands in line, much like a normal buster.

Signature Attack:
Elec Sting — [4x10 Multi-Hit Elec = 40/60, 1TCD] — Vesta releases a sting of electric arrows at a single target in succession.

Recharge - [20 x (3/4) Healing = 20/60 (15pts of healing), 1TD] - Vesta pauses for a moment, resting and taking a break from her crazy antics.
Start: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1, Undershirt, SetMagnet, MiniEnergyPack x2
Looks good, but just a few things:

- "Duke" has already been used by another member, but if you throw in a last name, it should be fine.

Quote ()

...with Valerie's Navi Emblem personally customized to the back

- Who's Valerie?

Quote ()

She has a small, rounded nose and thin eyes, matching her walnut-shaped golden eyes.

- Mind explaining this? It sounds like she has two pairs of eyes.

Quote ()

6x5 Elec

- You need to choose Multi-Hit (hits one target multiple times) or Multi-Target (hits multiple targets 1 time) for this sig. Also be aware only one hit will stun. If you wanted every hit to stun, you'd have to pay for Stun 6 times.
Darn, and here I thought I could get through unscathed... xD

Major problems all fixed up. I realize I've got leftover sig points, too, so I'll plan on using those some time or another. ^^
Just letting you know, but you may want to spend the points now (either in your current sig, or in a second sig attack), because you won't be able to change your sigs until you purchase a sig edit, or buy more sig points. Also, feel free to stop by the chat to get tips, etc. and get to know our other members.
Oooh :<

Well, thanks again for the heads up! I added an extra sig. And thanks for the quick reply too, especially. Much appreciated!
Okay, gotta get approval from the higher ups. Does it look okay to you, Captain?

Alright then, Approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, Rageclaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: SetMagnet, Undershirt

Please post the profiles in their appropriate databases, and update your forum signature. Then you can start the RP.