Walyn Curtis and Miasmel.EXE

Name: Walyn Curtis
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: A short and slightly overweight kid, at about 5' 1". He has brown hair and hazel eyes, with a small brown chip on the left eye. He wears glasses, plaid shirts, and a brown jacket.
Personality: He is quiet, unless he is around people he knows well, because he is afraid of new people. He is smart when it comes to things with instructions, but is socially awkward. He usually makes fun of things that others would deem "inappropriate", "dude, not funny", or "too soon".
PET Modifications: A normal PET, with a small dent on the top when he hit it against a table in anger.

Name: Miasmel.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: A navi that is 5' 11" in height. He wears a gas mask and visor, and two gas canisters on his back. Several tubes go around his body. The canisters are transparent and contain a green/purple/gray gas.
Personality: Miasmel is a very cruel navi, who will do whatever he wants to drag out a fight and generally just make people angry. He has a short temper, and can make rash mistakes when losing a fight. He will make fun of Walyn whenever he messes up on something.
Custom Weapon: Chemical Spray
Signature Attacks:
Poison Mist [passive, no cooldown] Delayed Damage Attribute: 5 Null for 3 turns

Navi customizer contents: Undershirt (10), Set Sand (15).
Navicust points available: 25/40
Some things that have to be rectified before I can approve this:

1) List the cooldowns for your sigs.

2) Select from the following to accompany your starting undershirt program: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
Fixed. Sorry about that.
Hmm, actually, I see some problems with your signatures. Some points are overspent.

Poison Mist: (Damage 5 x 3 Turns + Delayed Damage) = 15 points.
Making this passive turns it into a 60 (15x4) point sig. It's fine.

Poisonous Injection: You cannot, however, have this sig at the same time, since you have already spent all of your 60 initial signature points. From what I can see, it's Blind (60) with a nerf addition of 15 for Strengthen from Off-Target. All in all, it costs 60 sig points.

You can have either Poison Mist, or Poisonous Injection, but not both.
Oh, so passives take 4x the points? I thought they just had a cap of 15. Sorry, fixed, I took poison mist.
Looks fine.


Undershirt, SetSand
Rageclaw, Shotgun, Cannon