Here, at last

Finally, i've heard of this place, and I found it, can't wait to get aprooved!
Joining on April Fools Day. Not... the most convincing. Still, if you are really a new member, welcome! I'm surprised to hear that anyone was looking for us.
Aww, don't we feel appreciated.
-nudges new member whilst looking around edgily-
Run! Run while you still can!
They... they'll... -motions vaguely with hands- get you.

Apart from that, hello! I'm Hiko, HikoKun337, yahiko9040, or one of many other screen-names I've created for myself over the years. Feel free to ask me if you want general help on anything, although there are better people to ask about the RP itself than me.

Just don't anger me, don't act like an asshole/complete noob, and you'll be fine in my book. Oh, and try to write well, too.
=D =D =D =D
Just enjoy yourself, that's all.
Hiko, out. >_>;;

To hell.
Oh ya, about joining on April 1st, sorry it just happened, it's no joke. Well thanks for the warm welcome, i'll be sure to have fun and well, just play
Seriously guys, it isn't that hard:
Joined: 30-March 08
Or even better
Joined: 29-March 08
for some of us
So, my date changed back 3 days? Ok, well, it's been 6 days then, since anyone has really checked my registration. Been waiting to play for a bit now...
About your registration, unfortunately it can only be approved by an Admin and they are all super lazy. As such...If it seems like it is taking too long, feel free to pm one of the admin. I'd suggest SpaceMonkeySteve.
He means the new member approval.

His Registration TOPIC, on the other hand, hasn't been waiting that long.