Im new

hai gys im cooler than you as u can c by my name
ya im c00l! u can c my awsum name!
hay how u get pic under ur name?

i wanna cool one
There is a "My Controls" area in the top right hand corner of your screen, under the awesome banner.
Click that.
Go to "Avatar Settings."
Then the rest will probably work itself out.
Did you really see the need to make a name in chatspeak with excess numbers?

Bleh, I don't feel like introducing myself a second time to someone who could very easily be sockpuppeting two n00b accounts at once. Could some higher-up who agrees with me run an IP or whatever check on these two?
OK. I'll give you the same warning as I gave your buddy.

Smarten up and keep in line while you're here. Try to maintain a bit of dignity and don't get on the cases of the other members. Be polite and try to get along. If you stick with that, you should be all right.
Wow. This is pretty bad. And hilarious. I'm just going to be over there with Zan, waiting for the inevitable conclusion.
i'm not gonna start. i'll be over with PA and Zan...waiting for what should probably happen soon. *slinks away with lots of candy*
*Pops a squat next to the others*

*Passes around Nachos*
[whisper]Psst, hey...Hey Zane...Pass me a coke? Also...Why are people still responding to this post?[/whisper]

D :<
*bows* 'Ello.