Returned... again?

My classes started demanding effort during the second half of the semester, then combine general holiday business and me being lazy, and you get where I've been for the last two and a half months. Of course, as with every one of my returns, I have a new Navi cooked up that I want to screw around with. <__<

So then, hello again everyone, and I hope I'll actually be able to stay long enough this time to really get into the RP.
Morning Sunshine.

Welcome back.
School, RPs, new Navis to add to your already large museum collection... when you die, B, donate your brain to science, please. I want to see how it was possible to retain your sanity during all of this.

Oh yeah, and 'Sup'!
Ah, hey. Welcome back. I'll update the Database soon as you get your new Navi up. Just do me a favor, don't let your old Navi sit at Inactive status. We've got so darn many of them there as it is...

In anycase, what kind of design do you think you're going for?
Good to see you back. Now all we need is Goroke and the gang is complete. :'D
Who said I was still sane, E?

And sure, I'll write up Walzten's death soon. He's pompous enough to get killed, anyway. For my new Navi, though, I'm trying something a bit different because I've had a really hard time RPing as my previous Navis. Hopefully this time I can find that groove I'm looking for.