Kenji + Musou.EXE

Name: Kenji Kobayashi (Ken)
Age: 11
Gender: Male

Appearance: The half-Electopian, half-Netopian boy stands at 4'2" tall, and about 75 lbs, fairly average for his age. What isn't average about Kenji is the 10lbs or so of lean muscle he has over his peers, due to pushing his body to the limits with his karate training since he was old enough to walk. He is usually seen in a comfortable pair of black shorts, a black t-shirt with an emblem of a golden fist on it, his well-worn sneakers and karate headband (also black with a golden fist emblem on it), which his teachers remind him constantly to remove while in school. Short spikey black hair fights to burst free from the headband and his blue eyes usually glimer with intensity. Though he usually has a new bruise, scrape or scab to show off to his friends, recently fate has seen to putting his left foot in a cast.

Background: Kenji's mother is from Netopia and his father Electopia. His father is the founder of the humble Kobayashi school of karate and decided as soon as little Kenji was born healthy that he would be it's heir. He idolized his father and faithfully trained every day, if for nothing more then to win his attention and affection. It could have been a classic case of parent choosing their child's future, but fortunately for Ken he grew to love it.

Personality: Forward and honest to a fault, Kenji simply sees lying or beating around the bush to be a waste of time. He does tend to be nieve, though his accepting and forgiving attitude has won him several friends. Nothing frustrates him more then being told he can't do something due to his age, size or experience. He sees every rejection, failure or dismissal as a personal challenge to overcome, often to the point of obsession. He usually wakes each morning at dawn for a couple hours of training and conditioning before school. His latest frustration comes from his broken foot, preventing him from training and forcing him to find a new outlet.

PET Modifications: Sturdy black case with a gold stripe down the side and straps on the back to allow it to be worn his PET on his forearm, because when he does actually move around, it is with a pair of crutches. Infrared and wireless ports are included to allow for his Navi to jack-in without him having to use his hands most of the time.

Name: Musou.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Melee

Appearance: Looks to be around 14 years old and 5'4" tall. Well defined muscles visable through a black bodysuit which covers everything from the neckline down. Wears a crisp white karate gi over the bodysuit with his emblem on the back, a golden fist in front of a setting sun. A smaller emblem in the center of his chest is just a red circle, outlined in gold, with a golden fist in the center. He wears a pair of kickboxing boots and fingerless leather gloves. Wild platinum hair flows from the top of his head, spilling down into spikes just below his ears. Neon blue eyes seem out of place but highlight his face none the less.

Personality: Calm and collected, almost cold at times. He battles with an economy of movements that does little to reveal his intense inner termoil. He views Kenji as an operator, an ally and a friend, in that order. He was origionally programed off the shelf to fight like most other navis, using ranged attacks, bombs and a buster to fell foes before they got close. Due to a lack of karate fighting programs, and because Kenji wants Musou to master Kobayashi-Ryu, he finds himself in the awkward position of being taught how to fight directly from his operator. "Leave the fighting to me and just input chips" his programming tells him, but Kenji's endless energy and persistance has won him over.

Custom Weapon: Musou uses his fists in melee as any other navi would use a buster at range. When a situation prevents melee, he is capable of producing energy shots from his fingertips, open palm or knuckles, all with the same effect. By bringing his hands together and focusing the energy buildup into the same space, he is able to create and launch a larger charged shot, which he may release as he sees fit.

Zenny: 0
HP: 150
Level: 0
Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
Crosses: None
Key Items: Ken's PET
Navi customizer contents: Undershirt (10), HP+50 (10).
Navicust points available: 20/40
Buster: 1/1/1
Subchips: Minienergy x2

Signature Attacks: (60/60)

Inner Might: (Cost 40) [40 Strengthen; 1 TCD] Musou taps into inner reserves to imbue extra power into his attack. Kenji tells him he is harnessing his inner chi, but being made of data, Musou has his doubts.

Absorb Data: (Cost 20) [Opponent(Deleted): 15 Healing; 1 TCD] As long as he has prepared himself beforehand, Musou can harness data fragments of things deleted around him to recover slightly. Kenji has taught him to believe in a circle of life, even digital life, so the somewhat morbid source of the recovery doesn't bother him.
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GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2