Well I Guess This Is Hello...

So, hello. I'm Mezzanotte.
Welcome o ye of small introduction!
Well, you don't always have much to say. I'm open to questions though if you want to know anything.
Do you feel you have nothing to say, or no reason to say it?
A little of column A and a little of column B. Plus a whole lot of column C. I don't know what column C is, but there sure is a lot of it.
Just from that statement, I like you.
I think I like you too.

That column C sure is a mystery. It's like...dark matter or something.
Well, that is good I guess. Not the dark matter part. Dark matter is annoyingly undefinable.
It's like antimatter... or is it? Iono.
Well, welcome to the site, enjoy your stay here, don't piss off the admins (Mainly Twi), and don't you dare hang out with darkstar, Zolem, yahiko, or Kujajin.
Unless you want to.
Oh, and I'm RevivedSin. Have a fun time.
I guess I'll try my best. After all, having a good time is usually enjoyable.
Okay, so I was reading Dilbert and there was this one comic about the garbageman making a statement on how he just fixed the anti-light chamber. Now I have a question:

Is Anti-light the same as dark?
Hey Mezzanotte. I'm Phoenix, resident Narutard.

Can I call you Mezza or Mezzo, one of the two?
Hello Note person! I am Zane! Your master! But you may call Diva! XP

Now bow before my whimscicle of madness!

*tares off clothes to reveal the lower body of the Barney the purple dinosaur costume with a bomb strapped to his chest and begins to dance all dirty*

Bow I say! XDDD
*defuses the bomb on zane's chest and then kicks him down a random black hole* Don't mind him, he's just crazy with having a girl's name. i am darkstar, resident furry lover, cat lover, and the one with a harpy that changes pannels like crazy with but a single tune. welcome to the forum and DON'T piss off the admins......trust me on this one. *beaten to death by twi and other random mods/officals/admins* IT BURNS!
I'm commondragon.

I can answer any questions you have about something. If you find out what something is tell me so I can answer people's questions about it.
My god. Actually intelligent newbie. Welcome.
Hi, I'm Blue.
Check out the Chat.
I can finally access it!
Hello, and welcome! I'm PA, as many know me, and it can be said that I cannot stand mutilation of the written language.
Don't worry, just don't misspell stuff like sword and cannon, or forget to capitalize your sentences, and you have mah RP blessing. Which, given, is worth quite little.
Still, its gotta be worth something, eh?
Sorry, I'm usually one of the first here...
And since LHH failed to say it:
-LHH himself
-Drakim, mayhaps
I am Hiko.
I do have a deviantART, I do browse 4chan occasionally, and I'll be your new friend if no one else does.
Sorry for being late in this, XD
Oh, and a side note:
Among, I think it was, Dark/Blue/ZeroSaber/Kujajin/Zolem/Pheonix ((WOW, WE GOT SO MANY PEOPLE MY AGE NOW)), we're like 13 or something. The youngest.
: D

Quote (Hiko)

Among, I think it was, Dark/Blue/ZeroSaber/Kujajin/Zolem/PHOENIX ((WOW, WE GOT SO MANY PEOPLE MY AGE NOW))

*beats Hiko over the head for mispelling his name AGAIN*

D :<