Taking a Break


Sometime between Thursday the 16th and Sunday the 19th, I shall be heading down to Dana Point to visit my friend Jason. While there I shall have very limited net access if any. I shall be gone until the following Thursday the 23rd. How this will effect anything going on, I don't know. I blame you all for taking so unfathomably long. Anyway, just a heads up in case I suddenly disappear.
you NEED this after geting a chance at an SP, get your muse back and try to make some kick ass posts when you get thine muse back from this....maybe.
What Muse? I just bullshit my posts and every once in a while I require time to refill. My posts take little actual skill aside from being able to BS a few lines here and there, now and again.
Little actual skill? Little actual skill? Dude, you're one of the best RPers on the entire board! You're a Shakespearean! How do you RP like you do when you only have "a bit of actual skill", as you say? I'm the chief example of not having very much skill, and look at my RPing in comparison to yours! Hell, the only thing I'm even okay at is acting, drama, etc, which doesn't really do much for RPing.

In a nutshell, you're one of the most skilled guys I've seen, online or RL. I'm more than a little reluctant to accept that you don't use that much skill to write your posts, otherwise I'd be just as good as you.
Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I actually have a trained monkey write my posts for me. I throw in a bit of BS for flair every now and then, but the vast majority is all the monkey's work.
.....*gets a noose around his own neck*.....

And about the BS you're talking about, do you mean stuff like the choice, yet out-of-character "Real men fight with their fists," quote from Runeknight?
Hmm? No, no, god no. That was the Giraffe. I have a giraffe write all of my comedy bits.
And thus, Zanallen reveals the genius behind his posts. I knew it all along!

Enjoy your break man.
I won't. I am helping my friend Jason with his custody battle and hoping to get some extra cash by working at his Italian Ice cart at the Irvine Spectrum. This is really in no means a vacation, but an opportunity to help out a good friend in dealing with his lunatic ex-wife and perhaps earn a few extra dollars in time for buying school supplies and books in September.

I just wonder how this will effect the mass mission and the Grendel battle I have planned for DNR...
Does this mean my topic is un-mod-locked during that time? :'D
Depends, is it going to take four more days for you two to get to battle five?
It does depend doesn't it?
Yo, should be heading out sometime today. Removing MOD-Lock and trusting in the board leaders to figure out what the hell they are going to do with all the crap coming down.

Massive Group Peeps: I shall officially return next Thursday.
I'll start the mission when you get back then.
Thank you. Now to just worry about how I am going to kill En.
Eh, these Bunnies will now be eliminated from existence.
Have fun.
Heh, you've missed your chance at a good reward. Poor you....Heh...