Kasai Odoriko and Pyroman.EXE

Name: Pyroman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Pyroman is fairly tall, with a slender and athletic body. Flames spout from his shoulders. He wears a black helmet that covers his head up to his cheekbones, leaving his face exposed, except for points which come from his ears to his lips. The helmet extends back to a point. His boots and gloves are black. The gloves are nondescript, while the boots end in a point. Other than his black body armor, Pyroman's body is essentially crimson tights, except for his black sleeves. His chestplate is also black, and covers his shoulders, back, and chest, and ends just above his abdomen. His navicrest is emblazoned in the center of his chestplate.
Personality: Friendly, life-loving pyromaniac. Pyroman treats virtually nothing with negativity. However, he turns vicious in battle, simply because he loves it so much.
Custom Weapon: A) Pyroman breathes fire in a straight line.
B) A pillar of flame bursts from beneath an enemy.
Signature Attack
Active: Immolate Effect: Damage (50) Take Aim (10)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD
Name: Kasai Odoriko
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kasai is cleanshaven, with medium-length black hair. His clothing is nondescript, usually jeans, some t-shirt. He also wears a black leather jacket, just because it's hawt. Kasai has a sandal fetish, and refuses to wear close-toed shoes. Kasai is a large and tall caucasian man, with broad shoulders and a large chin. He has eyes like coal.
Personality: Kasai is the sensible compliment to Pyroman. He is calm, passive, and ocassionally absentminded. He tends to live for the small stuff, being satisfied by simply sitting.
PET Modifications: functions as a tazer The PET is black with a flame pattern. It also has a metal-plastic alloy casing to protect it from drop damage, as well as a geiger counter and a body heat indicator.
Initial Program: Shield (though the name of the actual shield is the Pyro Wall)
Please refer to this:


You could use some more description for your characters, particularly Pyroman as some of the things you wrote aren't really complete sentences to count towards the 3 sentence minimum. You seemed to focus mainly on clothing for the appearances, so you could try expanding that with things like height, body shape, eye color, facial features, etc.

You also seem to be a little confused on signature attack. There is a bit of a learning curve, so feel free to ask questions or reference other new registrations to see some examples.

Additionally, all new players have the choice of one NaviCustomizer program to have, from the following list:

HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

You can find their effects here:

Eh... Where was that old post explaining Signature Attacks...


Ah, there you go. Sigs explained in tutorial-form.
I've updated my posts. Is that any better?
There's still a few problems with the registration.

1) Could you describe Pyroman's actual body? So far you've only described his extremities and such. Like, does he wear armor or a bodysuit or such?
2) Nova is a multiplier and not a point effect, as it turns the attack from single-target to an Area-of-Effect attack. Please fix this.
3) Some spelling errors. Yes, I know, I know. Still, spell check is your friend.

Other than that, I guess it's ok.
The rules for the cost of Blast don't make any sense to me, can you help explain them? Also, can I have multiple Custom Weapons?
Multiple custom weapons are fine. Just don't expect any of the to have different damage or effects.

As for Blast, let's take what you're trying to do for example. Blast comes in 4 grades, from 1 to 4. The higher the grade, the larger the Blast area of effect, so higher grades of Blast will, of course, cost more.

As for what it costs, you take the total cost of the rest of your sig, and multiply it by the grade of Blast you want. Blast 1 covers a very, very small area, so you only need to multiply by 1. I.e. your (40 damage + 10 Knockback) * Blast 1 would only cost 50 points.

Multiplying by Blast 2 would cost 100 points, Blast 3 150 points, and Blast 4 200 points. Since you only have 60 points to work with those, these really aren't options at the moment.
Okay, I think that should cover pretty much everything.
Looks better. You're approved, welcome aboard, and post your Operator and Navi profiles in the appropriate Information Database sections.

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, RageClaw1
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2
Does this mean I'm good to go for the RP boards?
Yeah, go crazy.