Where's Waldo!? [shot]

I'm heading to Chicago for a couple weeks with my lady friend (Sohee, as she's not really known by here) to help her move in and get to know the area before her semester starts. As such, I (we) may or may not have internet access for the next 2 weeks.

Of course, if it gets too bad I'll just go find a Starbucks or something and get a quick fix xD

Anyways, see you later, space cowboy~ :3
Have fun.
All innuendo intended! :3
HAVE FUN! DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU! *shot* hope to see you soon!
Leon is back home and bored. Entertain him or be shot put to the moon.
Welcome back.
Now, figure out your costume.
I shall pause the internet until you get back.

Well, not really. Not even I can do that D:


Yes Kazuki just wants some of that. :3