Phil and Random.exe

Name: Phil
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He has brown hair, blue eyes, small ears, and a normal sized nose. His lips are also a normal size. He's fit, but isn't muscular. He generally likes to wear a T-shirt and shorts. His outfits are often, but not always, bland in nature.
Personality: A (shockingly) well behaved teen, he has often stood out from others his age in this way. He wants to keep people happy, but isn't a push-over. He has never dated, and in fact doesn't have alot of friends (He's can be rather particular on choosing friends). He's willing to help out whenever he can, though, and can't stand bullies. He stands up for the friends he does have.
PET Modifications: A green PET with a gold trim. Has a light on the back that can be used in the same way a flashlight can. Is turned on and off via a button on the front.

Name: Random.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Neutral
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: He's fused bugs and junk data converted into a navi. He's gray and looks distorted in different places occasionally. When heavily damaged, gray data bits come off him similar to the kind that come off mystery data. He looks similar to a standard netnavi, otherwise.
Personality: He's fairly good-natured, and often helps others depending on his mood. He's rather close to his operator, Phil, although he doesn't always express it. He used to have an unstable personality due to originating from junk data Phil found with his sister's netnavi.
Custom Weapon: A standard buster. Nothing about it particularly stands out.
Signature Attack: One decoy that looks exactly like Random in his current state appears. Can move around the field and act freely. Lasts for 3 turns, 2 TCD.
NaviCust programs: Undershirt, Shield

I hope I did okay.
Just to clarify, the signature is "Generate one decoy a turn for three turns, 2 TCD; 60 points" right?

Also, you will need to pick from one of the following navicustomizer programs in addition to your undershirt: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

Quote ()

Just to clarify, the signature is "Generate one decoy a turn for three turns, 2 TCD; 60 points" right?

The same decoy lasts three turns. The rest is correct.

As for the NaviCust program, I pick "Shield".
Alrighty then, approved. Be sure to get your signature set up before you request a battle, of course.

GET: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw, Undershirt, Shield, MiniEnergyPack x2

Have fun. : D
Okay, thanks.