Hi anyway

im here officially saying HELLO EVERYONE :ph43r: :angry: :ph43r: <_< :rolleyes:
Hi! I'm new myself, but welcome!
welcome to you to
Hello, n00b!
Be wary...
This will help you.
Hiko, are you handing that thing out to everyone? Watch out, that poor kitty might get mad at you for whoring it off.

... I did NOT just say that. These people are getting to me.

Hi, I'm Roguen, Jean, whatever. Kazu's girlfriend. ... And you're male, right?

lol....dont whore out the kitty.....its my pet. come back kitty *chases kitty*
KITTY! *pounces on kitty* Ya......me be a cat lover......DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MENT! NOOOOOO!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE CRAZY HOUSE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!1 *shot to death* I have been helping him, hopefuly it all sinks in quickly......*shot again*
hahhahahahaha pet the kitty. I haves a question darkstar....what happens when you get 3 warns? somebody gave me one the other day and i dont know what happens when you gets 3
You are just going to have to find out :3

Hia, I'm Drakim. You'll hear about me sooner or later.

Oh wow, ouch. Okay, listen man, warns are most certainly bad. It's short for 'warning'. Think of it like baseball. Get three strikes and you're out. If you got a warn, see what the mods said you did wrong, try and fix it, then just make sure you've read up on the rest of our rules and you'll be fine.

Let's see, I heard that it was for bumping, right? If you make an RP battle thread and you post twice in a row in less than a 24 hour period, that's called bumping. Instead, simply edit your first post using the edit button.

Beyond the bumping rule, the rest is just being a decent person. Don't flame others. Don't troll. So on and so forth.
is there a way that i can get the warns i already have taken off???
Sure. Just go a month without doing anything that breaks the rules and, if I remember correctly, one warn will go away. Just keep on good behavior and listen to the rules, you'll be fine.
lol thanks.....so i have to go awhile and not do anything stupid