Steve Bauersox and Recon.EXE

Maybe this is alright? Full reset.

Name: Steve Bauersox
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Steve is tall, but well-built. Longer than normal hair, black in colour, with a typical Caucasian complexion, except for a large scar connecting his neck and right cheek. Steve wears pitch-black designer sunglasses with a black long-sleeve coat and dark blue jeans ensemble. The undershirt is dark grey and when his coat is taken off, the words "Never let your guard down" are in small white letters on the back near the neck. Shoe choice (strangely enough) are high grade runners in... you guessed it... black.
Personality: Steve is a closed book. It is a rare occasion when Steve even shows a glimpse of a human side, tending to be more blunt and to the point than most humans. Even when dealing with his navi, he doesn't seem to let emotions control what he does. This leads onlookers to believe he just doesn't care, which couldn't be further from the truth. It's a long and hard battle to win Steve's respect and loyalty, but once you have it, it's equally hard to lose.
PET Modifications: Very little. Customizations give away a navi's worth, so to help prevent being noticed, Steve used a very basic PET model in black, with one unusual add-on: a chip-reader not designed for battlechips which hides on the underneath of the unit.

Name: Recon.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Recon is almost identical to his operator in size and shape. This comes in handy with the amount of weapons he carries in his arsenal (more on those further down). Mainly black in design (shock horror), Recon doesn't boast many body-shaping modifications, for fear it will interrupt his battle style. His emblem is mounted onto the top of his arms and is comprised of a circular disk that is dark grey on the outside with four smaller disks inside, arranged in a 2-by-2 design; you'd have to be staring at it from a very close distance to even notice them though. Of his normal appearance, his eyes are the only unsettling part, shining bright white, odd enough to make anybody passing by look twice. However, these are rarely visible, as his eyes are hidden by his EAAS (Enhanced Aim-Assist System). In appearance, it is simply a thin visor that pulls down from his head covering to over his eyes. However, it serves as a short-range radar, night-vision assist, and co-ordinate lock-on for some of his more powerful weapons. It's probably a good idea to go over those now. With all weapons equipped, Recon is able to battle on many fronts. A shoulder-mounted rocket launcher is strapped to Recon's right side; a simple slide up and forward, and it's ready to go. In similar fashion, a sniper rifle is mounted onto Recon's left side. Again, swing it forward and it's ready for action. On the underside of Recon's legs are two daggers, nicely mounted not to interrupt any battle poses, but with ease of access to allow quick deployment in a heated battle. Finally, there are a line of explosives that surround Recon's waist; some grenade-looking, others like small bricks, but each have unique purposes and abilities. After looking at all this, you would think that Recon is a hitman. Not true. While he's prepared for small war, Recon's primary duty is to protect and defend.
Custom Weapon: GC-21 Assault Rifle
A quick transform turns Recon's hands into his patented GC-21 Assault Rifle, a quick-firing backup that can deal some damage in the absence of a better weapon. The GC-21 has two modes: straight-through, dealing one pellet at a time, or collective, where several shots are passed through the magazine and into the reserve well, to be fired all at once. Straight-through is practically instant, but collective shots have a short delay due to the amount of bullets needed.
Signature Attack: S-99 Sniper Rifle (Deals 40 damage & Phasing)
The S-99 uses the network-equivalent of .45 calibre bullets in a long-range delivery system. Once a target is selected, the bullets' unique capability renders it safe to all other possible targets, increasing the chances of a successful hit. The user simply has to have good aim, and a steady hand. Or failing that, an EAAS.

Shield for extra NCP.

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2